Friday, August 10, 2007

They Make Us Say It

Day started up with calling my husband by my maiden name. It happens a lot, but it is solely my fault. I wanted to keep my maiden name, but I also wanted my husbands last name - talking about greed here. On the end I ended up with two part last name, and no hyphen. Things I did to remove that hyphen. If there is no hyphen on the credit card application form filled by me, there is none, why do people still added. Everyone likes to assume. Many times cards had to be re-issued, many corrections had to be made, and they still would put that damn hyphen. Well to avoid that I got into habit using my maiden name and if my husband is with me then he gets nailed with it. Sound kind of funny, because no body is called by my maiden name except my father.

So far morning is good. We had a good laugh about the name. That kind of brightens the whole day if you start on the right foot. Got hungry laughing. Next we are driving thru A&W. We like A&W and we had some coupons. Now comes another wave of laughs - ham'n'egger. Why do they do that to us, this just doesn't seem right - its too funny to say it. Try it. Repeat very fast few times, sound like some hanging egg header. Now the debate starts, how we are going to order this ham'n'egger, so I said - they don't know ya, just say it in a funny way, they will have fun listening. It was fun debating, until - can I take your order please? and my husband answers, I have a coupon for 2 ham and egg sandwiches for 4 dollars. Ohhhh, he was just embarrassed to say it. So I made him to pay in lot of change, like 24 x 1 cent. After all the fuss it wasn't so bad - they lady said I will take your word for it and she took all the change.


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