Thursday, January 29, 2009

Something to Laugh About - Television Is Watching Me

I have not realized that its been few weeks since I posted here. Just got involved in some renovations of My Only Photo blog - and now I am done. However, I will make this post short and sweet just to get some energy flow here. Something I want to make a note of. I had small talk with my mom over the phone, and somehow we started to talk about television. Oh I remember now. When I put Matthew [9 months old] to watch a cartoon, he will not watch. But if I put him front of the News channel, boy he watches. I think I know why? They are talking to him. Then my mom said, never mind listen to this story. When our neighbour got first television, it was after the war. She made this comment, 'Oh my God I didn't clean the house, and the whole world is watching me here'. Its amazing what people thought of the television then. But then get this, the old televisions used to have lamps inside, and I always thought that all the people on TV live there.