Friday, February 26, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - The Parrot Talk

Watching Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 been very exciting for three of us. There were moments of happiness, sadness, surprise, shock, excitement. You name it. All that for three of us.

Olympians fall down the hill. Not a pleasant view for all of us. Ouch, ouch something I will have to say. With Matthew around repeating everything we say, definitely there can be a possibility for him to pick up some words you don't want him to know yet. But yet, did happened.

(watching tv)

Matthew - Olimpics, Olimpics. Watching Olimpics.
Mommy (me) - Matthew man is going to jump.
Matthew - Oh man jumping, ready set goooooo.
Mommy (me) - Matthew watch, man is jumping high.
Matthew - High. Juuuumping. (yes he likes to emphasize his words)
(pause, man falling on his butt)
Mommy (me) - Oh Sh_t!!!
Matthew - Ohhh Sh____t, Ohhh Sh_t, Oh Sh____t.
Mommy (me) not responding, not reacting so Matthew stops to repeat. Sporting event changes to commercial.
Matthew - Mommy more sh_t. (looking at me)
Mommy (me) - Matthew wait few more minutes and it will be back. (looking at Matthew and trying hard not to laugh)
Matthew - Ohh baaaack. Olimpics back.

Next time Mommy needs to watch her language.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Spirit Stories: Shoe-less Skis

The only winter sport I ever did is going down the hill on the sled, yet I always been scared of downhill speeds - God Bless those on the luge or skeleton track. Bottom line I am not much of the Olympian when comes to winter or even any other sports - walking is my only and the only sport. However, since Olympics are so much fun to watch especially because we watch them with Matthew (Olimpics, Olimpics, Set Gooooo - Matthew would say), I will write some of my small memories that popped in my head watching 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Olympics 2010
My parents once wanted me to be an Olympian - not really. When I was in grade 5 they got me my first skis. Yes full size nice skis. The only problem was I had no shoes to go with it. They promised to get them next year, and the next year it was next year and then next year again was the next year - I think you know what I mean. So I spend next few years looking at them, and sometimes to take them outside for a walk. Meaning, I would take big elastics, wrap them around my normal boots and the skis and trying to go down a small hill. I was just hoping and dreaming that the elastic would not interfere with sliding - very stupid idea. Well, then I would bring them home, clean them, and wax them, and store them. Every year I would repeat the same, hoping my parents would get the hint eventually - but looks like the idea was forgotten. After all they were very nice yellow with red accent paint skis. The time passed, winter passed, Christmases passed, and the skis neither me never saw the ski shoes or the boots.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Memorable Moments - Unforgettable Wedding Moment Goes To The Dog

White Rose
If I start writing my traditional romantic stories, you probably be sleeping after few lines - very little romance. Our unique romance revolves around laughing and joking around, and having fun. We are just one of those where it is impossible to be romantic - it makes me laugh and I cannot help it sometimes. I am glad that my husband (he is the romantic one) goes with it - and its fun. I still laugh until this day how my husband wanted to be original and proposed to me during the dinner, going on his knees. But that did not go very well with me because all I could think was 'just get up up up fast' and 'lets eat those pirogies I ordered' - or I will start laughing. Yeah, only me to order pirogies during this romantic and life making decision.

So finally we got married after year and a half of planning, and been married for 12 interesting years. My wedding day was beautiful. We had so much fun, and I did not shed a single tear during that day - yes I was that happy. Okay I did some shedding before wedding, as some things didn't go the way I wanted, but then on the end it didn't really matter - it wasn't the flowers I was marrying, it wasn't the dress I was marrying. Beside me being happy, my husband being happy and the rest of the family being happy - one wandering wondering dog was happy too. And the story goes....

I didn't like my so perfect bouquet of flowers florist made me. I wanted something just simple and almost looking like it was hand picked. No she had to do her way. Well during a photo shoot whenever I had a split second time I would shake my flowers to make them look a bit messy. But the florist was good, it was hard to mess them up. I tried and tried, and finally walking on the side walk, pretending to be a star (yeah I had to do that once), beating the bouquet against my dress - hurray finally I lost one rose head. Then, to my surprise, from nowhere - a small white dog shows up, eats the rose head, lifts his/her tail up and walks away happy - a moment I will never forget of all wedding moments. Too bad photographer didn't see this one coming.

....and this is my Valentine story for this year! Its small may be meaningless moment, but been in my head for years.