Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Supervisor's Prayer by John Luther

It was a coincidence, I opened the quotation book and on this page was this prayer. I like it. It reminded me some of my bosses. Read on.

Dear Lord, please help me
To accept human beings as they are -
not yearn for perfect creatures;
To recognize ability - and encourage it;
To understand shortcomings and make
allowance for them;
To work patiently for improvement
and not expect too much too quickly;
To appreciate what people do right -
not just criticize what they do wrong;
To be slow to anger and hard to
To have the hide of an elephant and
the patience of Job;
In short, Lord, please help me be a
better boss!


  1. Very good. This is a new one to me.

    I've known supervisors/bosses who were a like that.

    Also ones who are like the one in "Dilbert" - but this isn't a perfect world.

    This is a remember-it post.

  2. thanks for the visit, god bless you i love your blog... thanks for joining my neighborhood too. ll keep visiting your blog so watch out

  3. Thanks for your comment. It was a total accident to find this poem - and I really like it. Unfortunately, I had more 'bad' bosses than good ones. But the memory of good ones are always with me. Once I had boss who was really bad that I had to go home and write it all down to feel better. Anna :)

  4. Hey Anna,

    Thanks for dropping by, sharing your experience and showing me this lovely prayer.

    The world we live in is far from perfect but if we focus on the good things around us, life can still be very enjoyable. Which was what our sharing is all about :)

    Thank You.

  5. No problem James, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your comment and visit, Anna :)


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