Thursday, August 9, 2007

George the Duct Cleaner

Now with the telephone call display technology everything is just not right, yes not right. It is so chaotic. The telephone companies gave so much flexibility that I have no idea what I am looking at when someone is calling. Some of the numbers on call display are 1111, 222-2222 or 000-000-0000. What kind of number is that, I cannot even call back. The marketing companies finally learnt how to block the calls, so only some digits shows or sometime just Private Number. So to make this long blobbing story short, I get a call today. Guess who's calling. Its George from duct cleaning, and they are in the area and they will give me a free estimate. I am so amazed that estimates are free, what exactly am I getting that they really emphasize the 'free estimates' for. Can you imagine, estimates were not free, and then the estimate would include estimate price on top of the estimated price, if you know what I mean. So this man on the other side of the phone answers the phone. Yes, he answers the phone. He dials and then makes me wait and then he says hello. So he finally introduces himself, hi, I am George and I am calling from duct cleaning company. We are in the area and we are giving free estimates. The free estimate gets me every time as you know. So I interrupted George, and said: George my ducts are clean and they are clean as they can be. George I will not be needing any duct cleaning. George laughs on the other side of the phone, and answers that it's fine madam, you have yourself a good night. I hang up with a thought - what a pleasant marketing call for change.


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