Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's Blobbing Moment

It happened to me few times before, and now. Why is writing sometimes so easy and sometimes so difficult to execute? I have so many ideas written for the Story Blob posts, but I still have to be in a moment to write them. This week I got no moments like that. But I got a moment for sleeping, and this is my own and all time favorite quote: 'who ever invented sleep was a genius'.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Telemarketing Call: Strange Request

Someone must have screwed up the marketing script or it was done on purpose to initiate the conversation. This call happened today in the middle of my dinner cooking. A phone rang. I screen calls occasionally, and if I don't recognize it, I don't answer it. This time I did, sometimes I just like to talk to strangers I guess.

'Hello.' - I said.
'Hi, can I speak to Mrs. ______.' - sweet young lady replied on the other side of the phone.
'Speaking.' - I answered.
'Mrs. so and so, don't worry we are not trying to sell anything.' - she said.
'Yes ...' - I said, and thinking did I sound paranoid that she is warning me ahead.
'We are calling from so and so Security company. We are currently in your town in your area, and we would like to place our sign on your lawn.' - she recited.
'I don't want any signs on my lawn.' - I said.
'How about small sticker on the window.' - she said.
'No I don't want any stickers on my window.' - I said firmly.
'Have a good evening Mrs. so and so.' - she said and hang up.

Okay what did just happen here. Did I miss anything? I didn't want to ask any questions because you know what happens. Soon as you show interest or curiosity (and believe me I am very curious person), they get you. Well I didn't ask any questions because I was late with my dinner and last thing I needed to waste my time on the phone.

Sign on my lawn. I know where she was going with it, but I think I said the right thing to get myself out of the conversation. They would put the sign on my lawn then come and knock on my door try to give me free security system, which on the end would cost me a monthly fee. Nothing is free, I learned, you end up paying one way or the other.

Now, I always think about those calls afterwards. So I thought when she asked me about placing the sign on my lawn, I for fun would say something like that:

'Yes dear by all means. Can you give me your company name so I can issue an invoice for the rental of my property for $50 a day.'

One day I will say that, just to satisfy my curiosity what the telemarketer will answer. Just to torture them  a bit too. Yes I do have this little mean side in me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

That's Exciting Guys!

It was my second pregnancy. The first one didn't go to well, I miscarried after three months. The second time around, I didn't bother to see doctor for three months, just in case anything happened again. No doubt - I was scared. I don't know if that was a smart move or what; however, health-wise, I felt good, nothing bothered me - I biked, walked, worked, ate well. Decided to wait. After three months, finally dragged myself to the doctors office. The home test said I was pregnant, it was time to get the professional confirmation.

Let me now divert you from a sad introduction. I had funny conversations with people, but to have one with your family doctor was kind of rare. I had more after that, but this was a great start to get to know our family doctor after all. First let me tell you that. I don't know how he does it, but he is the fastest doctor in the world. I call him Speedy Gonzales. I swear, I think some of my visits literally lasted 30 seconds.

'Hi, oh yes that is normal, here is a prescription for Vitamin E' - he would reply. Yes to get my spirits up and reassure me that nothing else can be done, he would prescribe me the Vitamin E. No I need prescription to dermatologist, not Vitamin E. But then he was right after all, the dermatologists visits didn't help. You just have to live with some things.
'Anything else can I help you with today?', waits a second (not enough time to even think one single question) - 'Okay good buy'. I guess if you don't know your pains and aches when doctor asks you really fast, then you probably don't have them.

Well these short visits were about to finish when I got pregnant and got my beautiful baby.

My husband and myself decided to carry the whole process together. Not a single doctor appointment missed, and even now when Matthew is two years old, we always visit doctor together. After three months of contemplating, we are now at the doctors office. As usual, he runs into the room.

'How can I help you today?' - he asked.
'I think I am pregnant.' - I said.
'Oh that is wonderful guys!' - he replied.

And when he found out that I was about 10 weeks into pregnancy, 'we better do all the tests fast' - he replied. Suddenly my life changed. I felt like I was sick, but no I was just pregnant.

We were standing and about to leave. Now this was kind of strange moment. He wasn't fast anymore. Stood and kept saying, 'that's exciting guys'. He truly was happy for us. Then out of no where, 'Are your breasts enlarged?' - he asked.

Shocked, no time to get embarrassed, 'Oh yeah' - I replied. Not yes or yes doctor, but the big 'Oh yeah'. Well the truth was they were and hey it happens. I think I and my husband saw small laugh on his face after I said that. So after the big 'oh yeah', he replied, 'that's exciting'. Smiled, shook our hands, said good bey and left.

We left the office, stunned and then laughed our heads out in the car. Until today we still don't know if to him my enlarged breasts were exciting or my pregnancy. Not to distort the doctors reputation, it was probably the pregnancy.