Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Home He Always Dreamed Of

This is a story that I been told when I was young. However, I don't remember all, so I added my own twist. There was a town once, and in this town there was a grassland, and on this grassland there was a small forest. In the middle of the forest there was a small house. And the house had four windows. There was light coming out of these windows. Inside the house there was a family. And there was a table in the middle of the kitchen where the family would gather and eat dinner every night. On the table there was food, and in the middle of the table there was a pot full of mashed potatoes. And every one had its own spoon, and glass of sour milk. And everyone would dig into the mashed potatoes pot. The family would eat like that every night after hard work in the field. One day there was a homeless person walking from town to town. And this person walked into the town where the family lived. The person walked through the grassland and saw people working in the field, but he did not stop and kept walking towards the forest. He walked through the forest and found this most beautiful little house that he always dreamed of. The sun would shine and create most amazing view of the little house in the forest. He knocked on the door, there was no answer, however, the door opened. He walked into the house, and he sensed the most tasty aroma of baked bread. He looked at the kitchen table. There were four chairs around, four spoons and four glasses on the table. In the middle there was a loaf of bread, the bread he always dreamed of. He looked around, and he saw this one chair, a broken chair in the corner leaning against the wall. He looked around for some tools. He took the chair and slowly fixed one leg and then second leg. The chair was all good now. He pushed one chair beside the table and placed his chair beside. He noticed some wood in the corner, so he carved the spoon. He looked around and he found clay cup full of dust on top of the wooden shelf, he washed it, and now its all good now. He sat at the table. He waited. It was getting dark, and when it was completely dark the family came home. The father arrived through the door first, then mother, and then son and daughter. Father lit candles in the kitchen and then he noticed a motionless shadow of man sitting at the table. The family did not move, but there was no fear. The man looked at the family with no fear either and no words were exchanged. The father noticed that his daughter chair was moved, and old broken chair now fixed was standing beside. And he also noticed a wooden spoon and the clay cup that once belonged to his long time gone mother. The family sat by the kitchen table, reached out to each other to say the prayer not omitting the homeless man. The prayer was long and thankful, and the man was thankful too. He knew he found a home he always dreamed of - and he was not going anywhere.



  1. It's a nice children's story, reminded me a bit of Goldy Lock or something, but with a nice twist at the end.

  2. Hi mainictastic, thank you for visiting. Funny I almost forgot my own story, and I had to read it again. Thanks for the nice comment. The idea started with children story I used to hear when I was young, but it was more like - there was a field, and on the field there was a house, and the house had windows, and inside the house was this dark dark room, and then in the dark room there was this table, blah blah, and on the end there was that creature that supposed to scare you - old European story. And I have no idea how I got this story going...
    Anna :)


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