Monday, October 27, 2008

Intercom Button Please Press For Assistance

Its been long time since I visited my very own story blob blog. To get myself going, I am just going to rumble about something, like about the intercom button in the gas station.

Matthew my baby is now old enough, almost 6 months, to follow sleep in the car. Before, when he was hungry and we stopped on the red light, Matthew would burst into this very loud cry and then slowly quite down as we started to move. And to our luck, we would get many many red lights. Well few days ago, as we were driving home, he finally followed asleep as we entered our subdivision, oh well don't want to wake him up, so lets drive around. First stop, we got Iced Cappuccino from Tim Horton's coffee place, and then we drove to get lately cheap gas - Matthew continued to sleep, oh how nice.

So here I am in a happy mood. As my husband is filling up the gas, I look over my shoulder and I see this nice green Intercom button. I opened door and asked him politely, can you press this button. He laughs. I said why are you laughing, come on, press this button. He asks why? Oh just for fun - I replied. Well, my husband will not pull any crazy prank like that, but I told him one day I will, and I will run, and he will have to deal with the clerk, lol.

Driving home now. I asked him, why were you afraid to press this button. No reply. Okay, am I the only one here in a good mood. I asked again, what would you do then if I pressed it for you and you had no choice but to answer. He silently laughed. Then, I will tell you what I would say:

- 'I am making sure this button works, sorry for the inconvenience'
- 'Sorry, no speak English'
- 'Sorry, I don't have my glasses, I thought that this was a print receipt button'
- 'Sorry, I thought I need your assistance, but I think I am fine now'
- 'Can you get me cup of coffee?'
- 'This button is in a wrong place, I tried to press car wash button'
- 'Oh man you scared me! You are too loud man! What do you want?'
- 'Please get off this line, I am trying to call my mother'

And you are next, what would you say? I need some good laughs.