Friday, August 3, 2007

My Happiness Expressions

[Aug 03, 2007] Happiness cannot be described. [Aug 08, 2007] Happiness can be experienced by everyone, and not just humans. Animals can be happy, and plants can be happy. [Aug 09, 2007] Can you be happy during rainy day, of course you can. Any external forces should never disturb your happiness. [Aug 10, 2007] Happiness is when you make others job easier even when they screwed up with you order. [Aug 12, 2007] There are two kinds of happiness, internal and external - and I prefer internal. [Aug 13, 2007] I wish I was always happy - the life sometimes takes unexpected route. [Aug 14, 2007] Today I saw happiness in cat's eyes. [Aug 16, 2007] Happiness is independent of frustration, like frustration with your Internet security provider. [Aug 19, 2007] Yesterday I was happy, today I am happy, and tomorrow I will be happy. [Aug 22, 2007] I am happy when I meet new people, even if it is through a blog, or through a discussion board. [Aug 23, 2007] Your soul will always seek happiness.


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