Sunday, November 15, 2009

Employment Resume for the Professional Mother

I thought it would be cool [may be for real one day] to have resume section designated to parenting responsibilities, experience and accomplishments. They say that it is hard to find a job when you are away from work for few years raising children, but then who said that parenting is not a 'work'.  Since I had such a great thought I decided to write my first resume draft here.

May 07, 2008 - Nov 07, 2009
Title: Mother

° Breastfed on demand around the clock for one year. Continue to breastfeed on the occasion during the day, and sometimes at night. Planning to stop when our child reaches his second birthday. Following the African breastfeeding model.
° Cooking for our child since he was four months old. All the food is high quality home made. Due to limited access to prunes, the prunes jars are bought from the store. Excellent source of fiber, and it works if you should ask why I give it to our child.
° Bathing our child every day before sleep. Soaps and shampoos are used on the occasion, and some virgin olive oil to cure the cradle cap. It is a very nice and relaxing time to spend with our child just before bed.
° Ensured that our child got fresh air every day, thus daily 1-2 hours walks to the playgrounds or parks.
° Continue with toilet training that started about 6 months ago. At first it all started with our child playing with the potty, then sitting on it for fun, then actually going for number two with the diaper on, and now our child goes without diaper - all this in the period of 6 months. One more task to go, and we are done - yes I need to teach our child to tell us instead of us telling him.
° I have been reading to our child since he was 2-3 months old. The results are showing, at age of 18 months our son can clearly pronounce over 30 words, combine some words together, name each letter of the alphabet, spell every word around the house, and speak to us 'baby talk', which 80% of time we don't understand.
° I performed some sawing on the occasion to alter some of the children's clothing. I believe in comfort more than the look, therefore, I took all the baby body suits and got rid of the bottom section.
° Additional chores: laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, baking, event planning, and very little television watching. However, I am making sure that I am keeping up with latest technology trend called blogging.

° Successfully planned and organized baptism, and first birthday.
° Successfully raised 18 months old son, of course, I am not done yet.
° Thought our baby words, letters, some spelling.
° Successfully completed 75% of the toilet training.
° Reduced diaper usage by 50%, a substantial cost reduction in our family.
° Learned how to cook efficiently for our baby. Can prepare meal with three courses in 10 minutes.

Cover Letter to follow ...