Sunday, August 19, 2007

How Much I Know About Fishing

Its all started with 'angling'. What is angling? - I asked when watching fishing show on early Sunday morning. According to wikipedia - 'angling is a method of fishing, specifically the practice of catching fish by means of an "angle" (hook). The hook is usually attached by a line to a fishing rod.' Now we both know what angling is, and after all this explanation I rather use word fishing.

Now that I am blobbing about fishing, this brings some old childhood memories about my early fishing days. I was only five years or seven years old, if I recall. My fishing was called dry fishing. I would take a long 1 meter stick, attach this heavy thread to it, bent nail, and some bait like piece of dry bread. I would clime on top of the old table or tree log to get some height so it looked like my thread was suspended in the water. What happened next - I would sit and hope for fish, the fish that I could only catch in my dreams.

Later in life I learned more about fishing. This was recently and it was about sports fishing. Firstly, I think it is very cruel, but that is my opinion, and I enjoy my dry fishing better. To continue with the fishing story, our biking path is usually along the river where many people enjoy the 'cruelty to animal game' - I mean sports fishing. However, before then I did not of such thing. Again, continuing with my story, we hit the end of the trail, and we see this man fishing. I look at the water flowing through the dam, and I tell you it is dirty. How can you catch fish in here, so I asked the man: What do you catch in here? The man replies with a strong Russian accent, some carrrp, may be some catfish. And before he can finish his list, I asked - and you eat this fish? No - the man replied - and turned away. So this is how I found out what sport fishing was.


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