Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pop Star Michael Jackson Dies at Age 50 - Moment of Silence

What is going on lately with all the Hollywood stars, Natasha Richardson not so long ago died, Farrah Fawcett today and now Michael Jackson. Not him. Despite all the crazy stuff he did, I loved his music, entertainment and still do, and let's not forget the Thriller which scared me when I watched for the first time. Let's observe moment of silence.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

End of the World December 21 2012, Hoax or Truth? or The Killer Bees?

What 2012? What day, time? Where can I hide? Oh my I only got three years to live, and my life been so great especially now with a new child on board. It will be interesting to know if this time someone will get it right. Yes get it right this end of the world hoax. Seems like someone predicted totally wrong for May 2003. I do too recall when I was in grade three and someone was already predicting the end of the world then, and I have been curiously waiting since then too. May be this time the guess or prediction will be right, or not, or at least I hope not. But then do we really know what the end of the world means. My silly vision is still the same as I had one in grade three. The Earth will crack on two halves from the impact of the asteroid. Earth will loose its gravity and all of us will fall into space. Disclaimer note - my imagination not necessarily supports the laws of physics.

Furthermore, how about other possibilities. The sun will overheat and we will all fry and then the Earth will melt away - another possibility. Yes never know who will screw up that sun dial and instead of regulating the heat, will crank it up too high. After all we are one living dust particle in the Universe, and the traffic may just get worst. Yes, all we need is another dust particle bumping to us - yes another possibility. I tell you the possibilities are endless; however, I still pose one question, what does really the end of the world means, and will it happen in matter of seconds or matter of years, or million of years - are we already degrading without knowing? Many writes about the 2012 end of the world, and if you want to educate yourself on that recent hoax and the panic of some, you can read more in here. It is all about some imaginary planet Nibiru making its way to solar system and at the same time wiping us out.

However, premeditated end of the world is possible also at any minute - how about wars, how about nuclear weapons, one of the Einstein's warnings, a button to press and an evil mind - that scares me the most. That would destroy us in matter of seconds. A deadly virus created in the lab wouldn't do any justice to us either. Then population growth, hunger, naturally evolving viruses. Okay, okay I think you got the picture.

The bottom line is that I don't want to die yet. This world is too beautiful to be wasted just like that - just look around you. So I tell you what, I will pray for this world, I will pray for people to be good, and I will ask God to give us one more chance. Oh dear God, just blow those malicious particles away from the Earth, don't let them hit us, and may be when you are cold over there, just think we may be hot over here - don't touch that dial please. As of us people, I will do my job here on Earth and ensure that there will be no more evil, okay may be less evil. I think this matter, we humans can look after. After all you gave us the intelligence and rational thinking.

However, you never know may be I am too late with my prayers - so I better go and get my survival kit ready. I watched enough space movies to learn something from them. Never hurts to be positive and believe in survival. Okay who in the world is spreading that hoax again. For what! Just to get me wired. Happy life to all of you, it ain't going to happen. Peace. And just in case it will end, dear God do it when I am sleeping, I am used to my bad dreams anyway.

Oh wait my dear readers, I am not done yet. I just had wonderful discussion with my husband about killer bees. He brings up the topic, and I go over my head again. Oh no, this is not getting any better, I am going to be stung by the killer bee and die. No this cannot happen. I hate being stung. I got stung in my feet so many times, I don't want to die like that. Yes this is my panic mind at this moment. The truth is no we are not going to die because of the increasing population of bees. In fact, it is opposite, because of the declining population of bees as per second warning from Einstein. And how this works is simple. The bees are necessary for pollinating number of crops we consume. Decline in bee population means in lost crops, thus loss of food source. The population of bees been declining due to unknown factors, or if there are known factors they are theories. So how this for the end of the humanity. If bees die we die too? Yes, it is possible. Therefore, now I will pray to scientists to have a back up plan - start growing more bees or discover new method for pollinating crops because I want to live.

I have a feeling that you had enough of my speculations and blobbing here, and thinking there will be no end to this post. Therefore I am going to go now, and if you need more information there is always a Google search engine. Just type some 'end of the world' phrases and you will find thousands of links to millions and millions of websites, hopefully mine too but probably somewhere on the end - search result 1,000,000,001.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Grandmother Used to Drink Miracle Multi-Vitamin

I don't drink alcohol at all, but I tell you some of my family do, and may be if you read my previous post about drinking on the trips - yeah drinking in Europe was and is very common. I still remember the martial law in Poland in early 80s, when we lived on food coupons and allowed only one bottle of vodka per household. And even better I remember those days when those who liked to drink, sat in front of the store drinking perfume and eating pickles. This being story for another day, let me then tell you this cute story about my grandmother.

The story goes - as kids my parents used to give us all kinds of vitamins. Mind you on top of that we used to eat out the garden - current, plums, apples, goose berries, strawberries - and some of them never got to the ripe state. Yes we loved sour. Yes, yes the vitamin story! Did we ever needed, never know - I guess my parents were on the mission to grow healthy kids, thus they finally got hold of this miracle multi-vitamin for us, them and my grandmother. In the liquid form, tasted just like very sweet sweet strawberry juice - and we liked it. It was hard to get this particular one, but my dad being very useful TV and radio repairman in the neighbourhood - he got all kinds of favors, and especially from the pharmacist.

You probably saying get to the point, so I will. In the late 80's we came to Canada, leaving my grandmother behind. One day my parents came across the same multi-vitamin here in Canada. Then they decided to send some to my grandmother, since our departure she wasn't able to get one. We send one bottle, then been asked for more - she loved it. She would ask, send me some more. 'I feel really really good every time I have a shot' - she would pass this message in the letters from my aunt. Yes, she loved it - so we sent more. Twenty years passed, my grandmother is now gone, resting in peace. I got married, got new home, and a bottle of the vitamin in my fridge - brand new, never opened, with label reading 12% alcohol.