Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - NO Bath Time Please

Life with Matthew been very exciting and entertaining as usual. Kids always say the darndest things, and this is another one for me to report on. I am very blessed that Matthew is able to express himself at that early age. He is officially 2 years old and 6 months, however, he still thinks that numbers don't change, so for him 2 years and 5 months.

Last week we been hit with some flu or cold (cannot never differentiate), and Matthew has not been himself since then. He would get irritated very easily, change his mind in the last minute what he wants to do and what he does not, and struggling with his constantly running nose.

Couple of nights ago, all day I been reminding Matthew that tonight is a bath time. He has no choice but to wash his stinky feet. He agreed every time with a smile on his face, but do you think he would do it? Let's see.

Its been a long day for all of us. Matthew didn't really want to go sleep and did not want to drink his milk either. Okay we let go. Then time for a bath. Matthew does not want to get undressed, he cries - 'No bath time please.' At some point we just let him cry in his bedroom. He calmed down by himself and came out. We talked, but no not able to convince him. I played with the water, I put some toys - still no, not interested at all. Finally I lured him with some splashing for him to come closer to the bathtub. He came. So we started to talk, and this is after 45 minutes of convincing, some little yelling (which never worked), and talking back and forth. Poor Daddy from all that eventful evening ended up sleeping through the best part of our conversation.

So both of us standing by the bathtub.
'Matthew will you take bath now?' - I asked.
He did not responded, just looked at me.
'Matthew please say yes, Y E S.'  - I spelled the word yes for him.
'Yes.' - He answered softly and not very confident.
'Okay Matthew O K A Y?' - I spelled the okay word for him.
'Okay.' - he answered again softly and still not confident.
Matthew is thinking very hard (literally steam is coming out his ears).
We are looking at each other, eye to eye, then suddenly...
'Mommy spell NO.' - Matthew demanded.

Well on the end I gave him bath anyway. I splashed his shirt, so he had no choice but to go inside the bathtub anyway, of course after little fussing. Once in he told me: 'Mommy go do laundry Matthew's shirt'.