Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Wait A Minute I Have A Big Idea

Daddy taught the little guy about the 'new idea', but Matthew made his own 'big idea'. 'Matthew I hurt my leg.' Matthew with serious face would point his finger upwards (the index finger of course) and reply - 'Wait a minute I have a big idea, let me get a band-aid'. Oh this kind of reply always puts smile on my face.

I tell you lately he not only makes me laugh, but also surprises me. Matthew has big ideas every day. The other day he came to the kitchen with his toy shopping card on his head.
- 'Mommy mommy I am a rocket' - very excited he yells.
- 'Wow that is amazing Matthew' - I commented.
- 'Mommy how do you go up' - he asked looking at me with his big eyes and serious face.
Now, how do you explain thrust to the two year old. Well, this is where mommy says the darnedest thing.
- 'Well Matthew if you make a little stinky with your bum, it may work' - I explained.
Matthew kind of stunned with the answer, looks at me and then.
- 'Brrrrrr brrrrr brrrr' - makes the farting sound and takes off to the living room.
I guess it worked, and I laughed while finishing up washing dishes.

Then this. Seems like Matthew lately did develop slight interest in space explorations. He can very well recognize Earth, Saturn, Mars, Stars and Moon on the picture. As a matter fact, he learned to look for the moon in the sky at nine months and to be one of his first words (mun). So today we sitting together reading and looking through books. Suddenly Matthew looks at me and says, 'Mommy I wanna telescope to see a moon.' May be after all I will have to send Matthew to school soon, especially when asking questions like that. He very well knows that in school he will be learning to 'read, color, write, play, sing' (in his words). According to him he is ready, as he told me this the other day -  'Mommy I am ready to go to school' - while holding a medical toy briefcase on his side. But then he is also ready to go to the 'sandy beach' while walking around with my big pink bag and my shoes on. Just try to picture this.