Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Hate Spiders But I Will Not Kill

Some nature creatures just don't go with me. I rather stay away from them, and they can mind their own business too. Them being spiders and snakes, but more spiders once they are over certain size. Let's say one centimeter is starting to look scary too me.

A recent encounter with a giant spider (giant to me of course) reminded me this little incident my mother put me through.

I stood their on the stool. I cried, and once in the while would looked up in the corner. There he was entangled in his own web, not even looking at me. Probably minding his own business, not worrying, not carrying, and not knowing what I was about to do to him. In both hands I had rolled newspaper. It was my weapon, the weapon I didn't want to own, hold or use it. I was crying hard. Tears rolling my cheeks. I cried to my mother, 'No I will not kill him, I can't, I am scared'. My mission only lasted for about ten or fifteen minutes of crying, and it was not accomplished. My sister said, 'No she will never do it, let her go'. She was right. I will not kill a spider, why should I. I am scared of them, but killing them will not get rid of the fear of spiders.

Until today I am not very fond of spiders. I will not kill them, but I don't want to be friends. Relocation program works with me. I still don't know why my mother put me through definitely unforgettable moment of my life, and definitely not good moment when you are five or six year old.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Handyman Or Candyman

By now probably all of you figure out that I will be writing a lot about Matthew. This is my 24/7 job, a job I absolutely love and it is worth writing about.

Today, I will list cute things Matthew says everyday. His vocabulary is absolutely amazing, however, sometimes, he has little difficulty remembering the right pronunciation or even structuring the sentences. It really sounds so cute, hopefully you can hear the same.

'Mommy I need a waterlemon' - Matthew said.
'Matthew I think you meant a watermelon' - I replied.
Never mind after while the waterlemon becomes contiguous word.
'Honey we should get more waterlemon for Matthew today' - I told my husband.
'Mommy (my second half calls me Mommy), I think you meant a watermelon' - he replied.

'Mommy baba and dzido lives in Mr. Saga' - Matthew said.
'Matthew its Mississauga' - I replied.
By the way, baba and dzido, means grandmother and grandfather.

'Mommy I want McDonald handburger' - Matthew demanded.
'Matthew its McDonald's hamburger, and you don't want to eat it, its not good for you.' - I replied.
These days it is very easy to learn from the commercials, and he learns fast.

'Mommy I am going to play panio now.' - Matthew told me.
'Matthew how about playing p-i-a-no?' - I asked.
'Okay.' - he replied, and walks away.

'Look Matthew little girl Melody says - Hi' - I told Matthew.
'Hi Medoly, I am Matthew, how you doing?' - he told Melody.

'Matthew this is an elevator, would you like to go up?' - I asked.
'No no no alegator mommy!' - he yelled.
Well, for some reason we cannot take him to the elevator, he is scared; and it has nothing to do with the alligators.

We taught Matthew the full home address, from home number, to street name, to town name.
'Matthew where do you live?' - we ask.
'I live ### Street Name in Aurora' - he replies.
So every time Matthew sees Aurora sign, he get excited.
'Look Mommy, Daddy Inaurora sign on the road'.
It gets even better, when we tell him that lady Mary (our neighbor) lives in Aurora.
'Oh no that's wrong' - Matthew replies with serious face.
He thinks only Mommy, Daddy and Matthew live in Aurora.

The latest and greatest. I got him Halloween dress up suit. Matthew will be the handyman. We got home and started to test all the tools. Matthew puts hardhat on, safety glasses, and picks hammer to hold.
'Mommy look I am candy-man' - he tells me.
'Matthew you are a handyman, but you will be a candy-man after you go trick-or-treat' - I replied.

If you have not seen yet, here is picture of Matthew taken in August - Good Bye Summer & Welcome Autumn Full Of Good Memories.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Giving Thanks Everyday

Another year, another Thanksgiving weekend. We all probably agree that we should be thankful every day not just during Thanksgiving day. But those events have purpose, they are reminders, and Thanksgiving day is here to celebrate how thankful we are for everything around us. Even little things matter.

In our house we always thank each other. Thank you in fact is a very popular word. The word that is very often used by Matthew also. He is now 2 years old and 5 months (still remember bringing him home from the hospital - time definitely flies). Matthew also still argues with me that he is 2 years old and 4 months. I am sure he will find out soon that the numbers do change, like in his age.

Matthew learns fast, and here are few examples of how thankful he is every day! These are spontaneous moments, we don't even ask for - just out of blue Matthew is always thanking us. This is obviously result of us always thanking him for his doings. Note he has a bit difficulty with connecting words like 'and' and 'for', but they are coming along.

'Mommy thank you delicious chicken soup' - he loves chicken soup, and insist eating by himself, Ouch!
'Daddy thank going playground with Matthew' - he can recognize any playground in town.
'Nonna thank you Birthday cake' - wants birthday cake every time we mention birthday, and he sings for himself too - 'Happy Birthday Matthew, Happy Birthday Matthew'.
'Mommy thank you going outside' - outdoor kind of kid'
'Mommy thank you going Superstore' (our local supermarket) - knows all the supermarkets in town.
'Mommy thank you buying Matthew's toy' - like every child likes toys.
'Mommy Daddy thank you eating breakfast, together' - he still thinks every meal during the day is breakfast.'
'Mommy Daddy thank you going church with Matthew' - knows Sunday is a church day.

And the list can go on.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (celebrating or not) - and I thank you all for your visits and kind comments always.