Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Internet I Never Left

I finished the Internet. I am done. There is nothing else for me to do. Can you imagine if you really did finish the Internet. No, no one can imagine that. Internet is like the spider web, as a matter of fact that how the world wide web was named. If you look at the spider web, what do you see? What I see is no way out. That's right, no way out. Or you can say I see many ways to get somewhere, but there is no way out. If I recall my first experience on the web, it was during my university time, back in 1995. I was sitting in the computer room, full of the Unix stations and one big dot matrix printer making lot of noise. Aside, I got in trouble once from the administrator for printing too much, but he was nice and gave me just friendly reminder. Going back to my story, I was sitting front of the Unix station, and I don't know how I exactly was introduced to the net, but I was browsing through whole bunch of text with hyperlinks. From one hyperlink to another, I found myself in the United States White House. How cool was that? Yes, my blood pressure went up, excitement hit my face - I am in the White House. And all it was a picture of the White House dressed up with text. That was my first picture enhanced web site I visited, and that is how I entered the Internet space and never left.



  1. Hi Anna, JJ said this was a great blog so I stopped by to see; she’s right.

    While reading your first post (last really) it reminded me of a reference I read. It was another analogy of the web, like your spider but this was a tree. I of course found the story on the web (can’t find the link right now but I may take the time to look for it later).

    In the website the writer speaks of the web as a tree with its branches and its roots. It parallels the Tree of Life. It was well done but I can’t remember it right now. I think there was even a poem with it.

    Yours is a good model because although it can at times feel like it drains the life out of me and I get tangled in it like a web, it is also an amazing connection to people in the world that I would not otherwise know.

    So, with that, its very nice to get to know you through the World Wide Web.

  2. Hello awomansblog (I looked for your name but...nothing). Well, thank you very much for visiting and commenting on my blog. And thanks to jj for referral.
    Hope you can find link to that article, I would love to read it. And I wouldn't know what to do if Internet went down. Few days ago when blog went down, I was in a state of great pannic...
    Anna :)

  3. I loved the "The Only Photo of the Day" - bicycle on its stand in the middle of a patch. It reminded me of a pic I took way back in high school, which won the competition. It was a pic of a tree near a patch. I tried to capture my emotions that time with the pic. And captured it I did. And I kid you not! :)

    AnitoKid at

  4. Hi again anna: I looked for the link and have not yet found it but if and when I do, I will be sure to post it here (or in a more recent post so it doesn't get lost).

    I feel the same way about the internet and I think the way you posted successive posts on the things you wonder about--says a lot about what the internet is giving regular folks like us.

    I recently took a course in citizen's journalism and it is chock full of the type of thing you're talking about.

    I too panic when my wifi wigs out or something else is wrong with the internet.

    It's nice to read your blog and I'll be sure to stop back now and again. Also, I'd love to link your blog to mine if you don't mind.

    Enjoy your blogging, it's very refreshing and intuitive :-)

  5. Hello awomansblog thanks for visiting again, and please do not strain yourself if you cannot find it. I once looked for one quote I read somewhere, and I could not find it on the Internet, and believe or not it was off line it was on the bookmark lol. I linked to you from this blog, just look for Blogs I Visit on your right.
    Anna :)


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