Thursday, August 23, 2007

Accelerated Life

Today is August 23, 2007, and I am 319740 hours old, and I am planning to live hopefully up to 876 000 hours. For every passing day there are 24 hours. So if you ask me why am I suddenly into hours. Well life is too short to live day by day, I want to live hour by hour. I enjoy what I do and I enjoy every minute of that hour to the fullest. The life can completely change in one hour, and even in one minute. However, what I wanted to emphasize is that when I was young, and I was 61 320 hours old, life felt really long. What I mean by long? - It felt like we had so much time. Felt like minutes, hours and days were very long, and we were able to do so much, and remember so much. But then at 219 000 hours, life started to accelerate, and it is still. Minutes feel like seconds, hours feel like minutes, days feel like hours, and months feel like days. To add one more line to it - years feel like months. And when I was 61 320 hours, all that was in reverse. If I had special power, I slow down everything by decelerating life, but then I am asking for impossible.


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