Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My New Friend - the Neighbours Cat

This has been one of those days that I just don't have creative juices flowing - and I say at all. I usually have good imagination, and since I don't have any good writing ideas for today, and as you noticed for few days now, I will blob about my day. So to start, I had to abandon the Story Blob blog for a while, and one of the reason was I was chasing meteor shower. That took some of my time, first prepping all my cameras, to ensure I am not to miss anything and then trying my cameras on the dark sky, because I never taken any photos of the dark sky. Well after all, the whole event turn out pretty good, got some shots of Perseid's Meteors, and some satellites hovering around. But this is not what I want to talk about today, therefore, to know more and to see more about meteors you can check my photo work on my myonlyphoto blog. So today we are replacing windows in the house - how exciting. Not to mention this week is my time off from work - how exciting. Not that exciting, but I will make it exciting - I will definitely find something to do - or may be I write more stories. Lets get back to what I was going to write today. Knowing that we cannot go back in time, once the windows are replaced - the old windows are history. Guess what - I am taking photos of the windows to have that snap shot for my personal historical reasons, and just in case if something goes wrong, I have a proof how good the windows were - no really, the old one may have been good, and we just getting something we may not like. Will see. Going back to my story again. I took shots inside the house and outside the house. While taking shots outside I met up with this cat. The cat I always told to leave my front yard. So the cat is trying to make friends with me, and I am photographing the cat - the windows are pushed aside for a bit. So this cat is going away, I guess is not liking the photo shoot. Well, some how I sensed that he wants to be friends, and this is the time I let the cat into my territory. On the side note, I am not a person that likes animals that much, but I know once the cat or dog warms up to me or any other animal (not sure what), I wished I had one of those. I sense wonderful feeling, giving this nice little neck rub and knowing that it is appreciated. Anyway, enough of this romantic talk, and the cat is now in my territory. I took finger off my trigger and looked what is going to happened. Next thing this cat is rubbing against my leg, and I am getting lots of hairs on my black pants, but I do not care. I am sensing gentleness and friendship, and peace. The cat moves away into shadow and is being playful. I give him nice rub. Then the cat takes a little break and goes and rests under my car, and I move on with my window photo shoot. The cat follows. Follows me all the way on the back of the house. I know we are friends now. The cat enters my backyard very cautious. Observes. I continue with my photo shoot, and sometimes I sneak that one photo of the cat between. I am done with photo shoot, the cat leaves the backyard first, but stays very close to me and walks with me. The spiritual time is coming to end, I give a cat good bye rub, and the cat purrs and rubs the wall and starting to be playful again. I play, and its fun. Time to go, so I say 'go on' and I will see you again. The cat with sad face now, moves on, he or she knows. This was very peaceful, spiritual and friendly time with this cat. I think I will see him or her again. Now to give you some background, this same cat one day, may be 5-6 years ago, showed up at my footsteps. The cat wanted to come in, but then when I showed my face cat recognized that I wasn't the owner - to cat's surprise. The cat said something and left the steps, and few years later here he or she is.


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