Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reaching Out

Sometimes I feel like reaching out to others, but this is a different type of reaching out. Today I wanted to reach out and close the gasoline tank of the car passing by. I wished that one day someone reached out to me for all the gasoline caps I lost. I actually left mine on the roof of the car. Other times I want to reach out and properly close the driver's side door, or passenger's side door, and other times I want to reach out and open driver's door to put the seat belt where it belongs. May be I should get a set of signs that I can wave by the drivers saying 'Close Your Gasoline Tank', 'Close Your Door' or 'Pull Your Seat Belt In'. So the lesson of this story is - please close your tank, properly close the car door and always and always carry extra windshield washer with you, because cleaning windshield with your sleeve or a suck is fun to watch on my side, but not on yours.



  1. i know the feeling, seeing someones car door not closed properly and upon getting their attention to tell them to close it they either drive away feriously cos they think you wanna hyjack them or they think u stalking them, this makes me loose my urge to say anything or they simply ignore you, there are a few who listen and thank you a million times.

  2. kerbear, thank you for your comment. Glad I am not the only one feeling that way. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
    Anna :)

  3. I read your post with interest. Reaching out can take all sort of different forms. Your reaching out desires where to help people and you where really sort of Zen like inwriting about. But I think we've all tried to help others of wanted to help but we were both locked away in our own worlds and the opportunity zoomed by.


  4. Nick, wow, what a interesting comment on your side. I guess I have not looked that deep. Thanks for the explanation of my own story, I guess sometime I need another person to give their view, and I guess that is why we have blogs. Anna :)
    PS btw thank you for visiting.


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