Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No I Am Not Ready For School YET!

Matthew will be 3 1/2 next week and soon we have to look for potential schools. He will be going to JK next September. When did the time go? It went into raising this wonderful little boy who soon will be going to school and learning, and be on his own most of the day and 5 days a week. Deep inside of me does not want to let him go yet, but I know I have to. My boy is growing up.

So really, what is the big fuss?

Well it is only JK and our provincial system implemented full time Junior Kindergarten. It used to be 2 full time days a week, and next year it will be 5.

That is the fuss. Typical mother worries, but I still think going to school full time for 4 year old may be little too hard. I am sure there is economic benefit behind this system, but I am not benefiting. I am sure he will love it, he really enjoys presence of little people around him.

Let see what my little bright child says about all that.

'So Matthew you know you are going to school next year' - I tell him.
'Yes, and there will be children to play, teacher, and I will learn' - he tells me.
'But Matthew what am I going to do all day without you? - I asked him.
'You will cook and wait for me Mommy' - he tells me back.
'I guess I will have to give you lunch box to school' - I concluded.

Well he is right this is what I do most of the day. Always cook for him, we walk, visit other children, go to playgrounds, hike, read and play, watch TV and play games. He knows that cooking is the only activity he is not able to do with me, so I guess I will have to continue to cook and most of his activities he is taking with him to school.

I thought that it was entertaining what he said about me cooking and waiting. We asked him again in presence of my family. His answer is always the same, but he also added:

'And wait, Mommy will give me big box of food to eat.'

We all laughed. I am amazed that he remembered the lunch box and lately he also been asking me if he can have chicken soup in his big box of food.

Can you see? We just have too much fun together  - 'no I am not ready to send him to school yet'.