Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Mommy Will Be Coming To Town!

All these wrapped gifts in my living room, and none for Matthew. 'Is this Matthew's present?' - Matthew would ask. 'No honey, this is for baby Lucas' - I would reply. I was wrapping a box of liquor chocolates. Matthew comes, pulls of the wrapping paper and says, 'Oh thank you Mommy!' 'Matthew sweetheart, this is not for you, its for uncle Ben' - I said it again, and gently took it away from him. Today, I put one of the wrapped presents on the table, 'This is Matthew's present!' - he demanded.

Well its time to have a little talk.

'Matthew dear baby - all these presents are for other people. Yours is coming with Santa. Unfortunately he is still shopping for your present, so that is why we don't have one here for you' - I told him. He nodded his head. It is so cool to have such a grown up conversations with the 2 year old (+ 7 months). 'Okay Mommy' - he replied. I went back to my wrapping, and Matthew went back to his playing. But then at some point Matthew comes running to me and says - 'Mommy sit with Matthew on the sofa and wait for Santa'. So I did, and I told him again about Santa bringing Matthews presents, and that he is shopping for many nice presents. I ask him if he knew what stores he will be visiting, 'Ahhhhh Wal-mart'. We laughed together.

Later in the afternoon, one of my orders from online finally arrived. The delivery man rings the bell. Matthew jumps and yells - 'Mommy Santa is here!'.

I guess this Christmas, first time in the three years, Mommy will be wearing Santa suite. Daddy offered, but I told him unless he looses some weight, he will be able to have the act. And for now I will have to keep Matthew busy for another week, otherwise there will be an early Santa in our house.

Happy holidays to all my readers!
Wishing you lots of love, happiness and peace.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - NO Bath Time Please

Life with Matthew been very exciting and entertaining as usual. Kids always say the darndest things, and this is another one for me to report on. I am very blessed that Matthew is able to express himself at that early age. He is officially 2 years old and 6 months, however, he still thinks that numbers don't change, so for him 2 years and 5 months.

Last week we been hit with some flu or cold (cannot never differentiate), and Matthew has not been himself since then. He would get irritated very easily, change his mind in the last minute what he wants to do and what he does not, and struggling with his constantly running nose.

Couple of nights ago, all day I been reminding Matthew that tonight is a bath time. He has no choice but to wash his stinky feet. He agreed every time with a smile on his face, but do you think he would do it? Let's see.

Its been a long day for all of us. Matthew didn't really want to go sleep and did not want to drink his milk either. Okay we let go. Then time for a bath. Matthew does not want to get undressed, he cries - 'No bath time please.' At some point we just let him cry in his bedroom. He calmed down by himself and came out. We talked, but no not able to convince him. I played with the water, I put some toys - still no, not interested at all. Finally I lured him with some splashing for him to come closer to the bathtub. He came. So we started to talk, and this is after 45 minutes of convincing, some little yelling (which never worked), and talking back and forth. Poor Daddy from all that eventful evening ended up sleeping through the best part of our conversation.

So both of us standing by the bathtub.
'Matthew will you take bath now?' - I asked.
He did not responded, just looked at me.
'Matthew please say yes, Y E S.'  - I spelled the word yes for him.
'Yes.' - He answered softly and not very confident.
'Okay Matthew O K A Y?' - I spelled the okay word for him.
'Okay.' - he answered again softly and still not confident.
Matthew is thinking very hard (literally steam is coming out his ears).
We are looking at each other, eye to eye, then suddenly...
'Mommy spell NO.' - Matthew demanded.

Well on the end I gave him bath anyway. I splashed his shirt, so he had no choice but to go inside the bathtub anyway, of course after little fussing. Once in he told me: 'Mommy go do laundry Matthew's shirt'.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Hate Spiders But I Will Not Kill

Some nature creatures just don't go with me. I rather stay away from them, and they can mind their own business too. Them being spiders and snakes, but more spiders once they are over certain size. Let's say one centimeter is starting to look scary too me.

A recent encounter with a giant spider (giant to me of course) reminded me this little incident my mother put me through.

I stood their on the stool. I cried, and once in the while would looked up in the corner. There he was entangled in his own web, not even looking at me. Probably minding his own business, not worrying, not carrying, and not knowing what I was about to do to him. In both hands I had rolled newspaper. It was my weapon, the weapon I didn't want to own, hold or use it. I was crying hard. Tears rolling my cheeks. I cried to my mother, 'No I will not kill him, I can't, I am scared'. My mission only lasted for about ten or fifteen minutes of crying, and it was not accomplished. My sister said, 'No she will never do it, let her go'. She was right. I will not kill a spider, why should I. I am scared of them, but killing them will not get rid of the fear of spiders.

Until today I am not very fond of spiders. I will not kill them, but I don't want to be friends. Relocation program works with me. I still don't know why my mother put me through definitely unforgettable moment of my life, and definitely not good moment when you are five or six year old.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Handyman Or Candyman

By now probably all of you figure out that I will be writing a lot about Matthew. This is my 24/7 job, a job I absolutely love and it is worth writing about.

Today, I will list cute things Matthew says everyday. His vocabulary is absolutely amazing, however, sometimes, he has little difficulty remembering the right pronunciation or even structuring the sentences. It really sounds so cute, hopefully you can hear the same.

'Mommy I need a waterlemon' - Matthew said.
'Matthew I think you meant a watermelon' - I replied.
Never mind after while the waterlemon becomes contiguous word.
'Honey we should get more waterlemon for Matthew today' - I told my husband.
'Mommy (my second half calls me Mommy), I think you meant a watermelon' - he replied.

'Mommy baba and dzido lives in Mr. Saga' - Matthew said.
'Matthew its Mississauga' - I replied.
By the way, baba and dzido, means grandmother and grandfather.

'Mommy I want McDonald handburger' - Matthew demanded.
'Matthew its McDonald's hamburger, and you don't want to eat it, its not good for you.' - I replied.
These days it is very easy to learn from the commercials, and he learns fast.

'Mommy I am going to play panio now.' - Matthew told me.
'Matthew how about playing p-i-a-no?' - I asked.
'Okay.' - he replied, and walks away.

'Look Matthew little girl Melody says - Hi' - I told Matthew.
'Hi Medoly, I am Matthew, how you doing?' - he told Melody.

'Matthew this is an elevator, would you like to go up?' - I asked.
'No no no alegator mommy!' - he yelled.
Well, for some reason we cannot take him to the elevator, he is scared; and it has nothing to do with the alligators.

We taught Matthew the full home address, from home number, to street name, to town name.
'Matthew where do you live?' - we ask.
'I live ### Street Name in Aurora' - he replies.
So every time Matthew sees Aurora sign, he get excited.
'Look Mommy, Daddy Inaurora sign on the road'.
It gets even better, when we tell him that lady Mary (our neighbor) lives in Aurora.
'Oh no that's wrong' - Matthew replies with serious face.
He thinks only Mommy, Daddy and Matthew live in Aurora.

The latest and greatest. I got him Halloween dress up suit. Matthew will be the handyman. We got home and started to test all the tools. Matthew puts hardhat on, safety glasses, and picks hammer to hold.
'Mommy look I am candy-man' - he tells me.
'Matthew you are a handyman, but you will be a candy-man after you go trick-or-treat' - I replied.

If you have not seen yet, here is picture of Matthew taken in August - Good Bye Summer & Welcome Autumn Full Of Good Memories.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Giving Thanks Everyday

Another year, another Thanksgiving weekend. We all probably agree that we should be thankful every day not just during Thanksgiving day. But those events have purpose, they are reminders, and Thanksgiving day is here to celebrate how thankful we are for everything around us. Even little things matter.

In our house we always thank each other. Thank you in fact is a very popular word. The word that is very often used by Matthew also. He is now 2 years old and 5 months (still remember bringing him home from the hospital - time definitely flies). Matthew also still argues with me that he is 2 years old and 4 months. I am sure he will find out soon that the numbers do change, like in his age.

Matthew learns fast, and here are few examples of how thankful he is every day! These are spontaneous moments, we don't even ask for - just out of blue Matthew is always thanking us. This is obviously result of us always thanking him for his doings. Note he has a bit difficulty with connecting words like 'and' and 'for', but they are coming along.

'Mommy thank you delicious chicken soup' - he loves chicken soup, and insist eating by himself, Ouch!
'Daddy thank going playground with Matthew' - he can recognize any playground in town.
'Nonna thank you Birthday cake' - wants birthday cake every time we mention birthday, and he sings for himself too - 'Happy Birthday Matthew, Happy Birthday Matthew'.
'Mommy thank you going outside' - outdoor kind of kid'
'Mommy thank you going Superstore' (our local supermarket) - knows all the supermarkets in town.
'Mommy thank you buying Matthew's toy' - like every child likes toys.
'Mommy Daddy thank you eating breakfast, together' - he still thinks every meal during the day is breakfast.'
'Mommy Daddy thank you going church with Matthew' - knows Sunday is a church day.

And the list can go on.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (celebrating or not) - and I thank you all for your visits and kind comments always.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Wait A Minute I Have A Big Idea

Daddy taught the little guy about the 'new idea', but Matthew made his own 'big idea'. 'Matthew I hurt my leg.' Matthew with serious face would point his finger upwards (the index finger of course) and reply - 'Wait a minute I have a big idea, let me get a band-aid'. Oh this kind of reply always puts smile on my face.

I tell you lately he not only makes me laugh, but also surprises me. Matthew has big ideas every day. The other day he came to the kitchen with his toy shopping card on his head.
- 'Mommy mommy I am a rocket' - very excited he yells.
- 'Wow that is amazing Matthew' - I commented.
- 'Mommy how do you go up' - he asked looking at me with his big eyes and serious face.
Now, how do you explain thrust to the two year old. Well, this is where mommy says the darnedest thing.
- 'Well Matthew if you make a little stinky with your bum, it may work' - I explained.
Matthew kind of stunned with the answer, looks at me and then.
- 'Brrrrrr brrrrr brrrr' - makes the farting sound and takes off to the living room.
I guess it worked, and I laughed while finishing up washing dishes.

Then this. Seems like Matthew lately did develop slight interest in space explorations. He can very well recognize Earth, Saturn, Mars, Stars and Moon on the picture. As a matter fact, he learned to look for the moon in the sky at nine months and to be one of his first words (mun). So today we sitting together reading and looking through books. Suddenly Matthew looks at me and says, 'Mommy I wanna telescope to see a moon.' May be after all I will have to send Matthew to school soon, especially when asking questions like that. He very well knows that in school he will be learning to 'read, color, write, play, sing' (in his words). According to him he is ready, as he told me this the other day -  'Mommy I am ready to go to school' - while holding a medical toy briefcase on his side. But then he is also ready to go to the 'sandy beach' while walking around with my big pink bag and my shoes on. Just try to picture this.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Daddy Is Not Listening

In few days Matthew will be 27 months, that is two years and three months and really can talk now. Still have little issues with putting sentences together, but he can tell you a story with just the words. In addition to counting and alphabet, and almost reading, Matthew knows almost all car makers. Just by seeing the logos he knows its Toyota, BMW, HondaHyundaiVolkswagen, Audi, Mazda, Infinity, Nissan, Chrysler, Ford and GMC. I though I throw that in, as I am really proud of him.

Every day I get to hear new lines from him, and today is the one to tell.

After dinner, I get to wash dishes, and Matthew and daddy watch Wiggles DVD. It was time for Matthew to have some milk, and he wasn't co-operating with daddy.

'Matthew why are you not listening to me' - I overheard him saying.
'Matthew get over here and have some milk' - daddy is asking Matthew again.

Next thing I see Matthew crawling on fours into the kitchen. I look at him and he looks at me.

'Mommy, mommy' - he raises his voice.
'Yes, Matthew' - I answered.
'Mommy, mommy - daddy not listening Matthew' - he said.
'Oh daddy is not listening to you' - I repeated.
'Yeahhh' - he confirms.

Hope you enjoyed another great line from Matthew.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's Blobbing Moment

It happened to me few times before, and now. Why is writing sometimes so easy and sometimes so difficult to execute? I have so many ideas written for the Story Blob posts, but I still have to be in a moment to write them. This week I got no moments like that. But I got a moment for sleeping, and this is my own and all time favorite quote: 'who ever invented sleep was a genius'.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Telemarketing Call: Strange Request

Someone must have screwed up the marketing script or it was done on purpose to initiate the conversation. This call happened today in the middle of my dinner cooking. A phone rang. I screen calls occasionally, and if I don't recognize it, I don't answer it. This time I did, sometimes I just like to talk to strangers I guess.

'Hello.' - I said.
'Hi, can I speak to Mrs. ______.' - sweet young lady replied on the other side of the phone.
'Speaking.' - I answered.
'Mrs. so and so, don't worry we are not trying to sell anything.' - she said.
'Yes ...' - I said, and thinking did I sound paranoid that she is warning me ahead.
'We are calling from so and so Security company. We are currently in your town in your area, and we would like to place our sign on your lawn.' - she recited.
'I don't want any signs on my lawn.' - I said.
'How about small sticker on the window.' - she said.
'No I don't want any stickers on my window.' - I said firmly.
'Have a good evening Mrs. so and so.' - she said and hang up.

Okay what did just happen here. Did I miss anything? I didn't want to ask any questions because you know what happens. Soon as you show interest or curiosity (and believe me I am very curious person), they get you. Well I didn't ask any questions because I was late with my dinner and last thing I needed to waste my time on the phone.

Sign on my lawn. I know where she was going with it, but I think I said the right thing to get myself out of the conversation. They would put the sign on my lawn then come and knock on my door try to give me free security system, which on the end would cost me a monthly fee. Nothing is free, I learned, you end up paying one way or the other.

Now, I always think about those calls afterwards. So I thought when she asked me about placing the sign on my lawn, I for fun would say something like that:

'Yes dear by all means. Can you give me your company name so I can issue an invoice for the rental of my property for $50 a day.'

One day I will say that, just to satisfy my curiosity what the telemarketer will answer. Just to torture them  a bit too. Yes I do have this little mean side in me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

That's Exciting Guys!

It was my second pregnancy. The first one didn't go to well, I miscarried after three months. The second time around, I didn't bother to see doctor for three months, just in case anything happened again. No doubt - I was scared. I don't know if that was a smart move or what; however, health-wise, I felt good, nothing bothered me - I biked, walked, worked, ate well. Decided to wait. After three months, finally dragged myself to the doctors office. The home test said I was pregnant, it was time to get the professional confirmation.

Let me now divert you from a sad introduction. I had funny conversations with people, but to have one with your family doctor was kind of rare. I had more after that, but this was a great start to get to know our family doctor after all. First let me tell you that. I don't know how he does it, but he is the fastest doctor in the world. I call him Speedy Gonzales. I swear, I think some of my visits literally lasted 30 seconds.

'Hi, oh yes that is normal, here is a prescription for Vitamin E' - he would reply. Yes to get my spirits up and reassure me that nothing else can be done, he would prescribe me the Vitamin E. No I need prescription to dermatologist, not Vitamin E. But then he was right after all, the dermatologists visits didn't help. You just have to live with some things.
'Anything else can I help you with today?', waits a second (not enough time to even think one single question) - 'Okay good buy'. I guess if you don't know your pains and aches when doctor asks you really fast, then you probably don't have them.

Well these short visits were about to finish when I got pregnant and got my beautiful baby.

My husband and myself decided to carry the whole process together. Not a single doctor appointment missed, and even now when Matthew is two years old, we always visit doctor together. After three months of contemplating, we are now at the doctors office. As usual, he runs into the room.

'How can I help you today?' - he asked.
'I think I am pregnant.' - I said.
'Oh that is wonderful guys!' - he replied.

And when he found out that I was about 10 weeks into pregnancy, 'we better do all the tests fast' - he replied. Suddenly my life changed. I felt like I was sick, but no I was just pregnant.

We were standing and about to leave. Now this was kind of strange moment. He wasn't fast anymore. Stood and kept saying, 'that's exciting guys'. He truly was happy for us. Then out of no where, 'Are your breasts enlarged?' - he asked.

Shocked, no time to get embarrassed, 'Oh yeah' - I replied. Not yes or yes doctor, but the big 'Oh yeah'. Well the truth was they were and hey it happens. I think I and my husband saw small laugh on his face after I said that. So after the big 'oh yeah', he replied, 'that's exciting'. Smiled, shook our hands, said good bey and left.

We left the office, stunned and then laughed our heads out in the car. Until today we still don't know if to him my enlarged breasts were exciting or my pregnancy. Not to distort the doctors reputation, it was probably the pregnancy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 Earthquake In Toronto - My Master Survival Plan Suddenly Changed

It all happened yesterday - June 23, 2010. It was a definitely very strange day. I can spot them, but I don't know what will happen. In my case there is usually a strange sense of emptiness, and definitely a string of strange dreams which I had for a whole week. It feels like you are in the bubble, and hear nothing. It happened to me when my aunt died, when the Nimrod crashed back in 1995, and many more other instances.

It was a hot humid day - that was my blame. But there was more. Before lunch, I met up with other women so my son can play with children. In total we had eight to watch. They were all disturbed. Crying, running away, not sharing, pushing each other. I blamed on the hot humid day.

Lunch time. We all cleaned up driveway and went home. My son ate lunch, but then around 1 pm he started to get angry, nervous and cried. I couldn't get a word out of him what was wrong. He talks for a two year old, but still, not this time. Glad that daddy called, so finally he calmed down.

By 1:30 pm Matthew was asleep. I quickly run down to get fruit snack - a sweet juicy watermelon (best fruit for the hot weather). About 1:45 pm, just reading emails. Strange feeling passes through my body first, and then my desk started to vibrate and the vibration is increasing. I didn't kick the desk. I had my hands beside me. The second I saw it - I knew it was an earthquake. Once you experienced one (about 10 years ago), you will remember it forever. This was my second one.

Toronto Earthquake
Calmly I walked over to my son's bedroom. On the way I turned off the ceiling fan - well just in case, you don't want one of those turning and falling on you. I peeked in the bedroom - Matthew was sleeping, bed was moving. I moved closer, and then I saw more shaking, and now Matthew's whole body was vibrating with the bed. Time to act. I only live in the two floor house, so probably being outside away from the building was better place to be. I took Matthew and walked down to the first floor. By the time I got there, it was all gone. It all lasted for about 20 seconds.

I called my husband. 'Did you feel this?' - he said. 'Yes I did' - I replied. 'What was that?' - he asked. I don't remember what I said, but I turned on the TV and there was the breaking news from CP24 - Earthquake shakes Toronto. The conclusion was - 5.0 earthquake shakes Toronto and the surroundings, including my town, Aurora.

Now they are calling for aftershocks. Well I don't know if anyone felt them, but I definitely got them inside me.

I look back.

I had this master plan. I always do - part of my preparedness for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires. We all should have some kind of emergency plan. So 'our' plan is to calmly move to safe place depending on the situation. But I always have this 'room or extra time' in my mind for saving my personal belongings.

I look back.

What happened? Okay it wasn't an earthquake of a huge magnitude, but I didn't know that at that time. I headed for my son, and he was my priority. I didn't think once saving anything personal. My master plan definitely changed for better, and I was happy with myself, and the decision I made. On the end we all will make the right decision in case like that.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Strange Call - The Wrong Number

Wrong Number
Many weeks ago I got this strange call. I better blog about it now because it will be sitting in my head all the time. The phone rings. Call displays shows Mr. so and so, and his telephone number. Well in that case, this is not a telemarketing call so I better answer.

'Hello' - I said.
'Hi honey' - he said.
'I think you got a wrong number' - I said.
'Oh, this is not Michelle' - he said.
'No, its not, I think you got a wrong number' - I said.
'Oh I am sorry' - he said.
'That is okay' - I said waiting for him to hang up 'and don't do it again', I thought.
'You have a nice voice' - he said.
'Good bey' - I said and hang up.

I really wanted to say something to him, 'What happened to Michelle, she doesn't have nice voice anymore?'. Or 'Do you want to talk to my husband, he has nice voice too'.

Well in case like that we just have to bite our tongues, as we know this could lead to a trouble. May be he didn't get the wrong number; just phoning randomly to strike a conversation with a vulnerable woman, and then more and more. Scary call that was, all I can say.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Letter to Matthew - Today Is Your 2nd Birthday

My Matthew turned 2 years old on May 7th. I cannot believe how fast time blinked front of us. I have decided to use my photo blog to write birthday letter to Matthew and post some memorable pictures. Here is the link: Letter to Matthew - Today Is Your 2nd Birthday. I have to warn you that the post is long. However, we are all pressed on time, then you can view images only. Have fun!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Promise Yourself

By accident I stumbled on this poem by Christian D. Larson, and I thought I just have to have it on my blog. Enjoy!

'Promise yourself to be strong
that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness and prosperity
to every person you meet.
To make all your friends feel that
there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make your optimism come true.
To think only the best, to work only for the best
and expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.
To forget the mistakes of the past
and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times
and give every living creature you meet a smile.
To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger,
too strong for fear and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.'

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder What Children Think When They Do Things

Sometimes I wonder. Few years ago I was sitting on my backyard and I was enjoying nice weather. It was kind of loud, because children in other backyards were playing. I didn't really mind. However, I overheard this one incident that made me laugh.
- 'What did you do that for?' - a mother asked one of the twin sisters; in the mean time one of them was crying.
Silence, and no answer from the sister in trouble. Now its all mother talk.
- 'How would you feel if someone put your head under the water?' - a mother asked.
- 'How would you feel' - she asked again.
Silence continued and mother kept talking trying to discipline the twin in trouble.

So sometimes I wonder why children do that. Explore. Have Fun. Discover. Action and reaction. All that probably. Since that incident I have now my own child, and sometimes I wonder what he is thinking too. The other day we went to the playground. At that time there was a grandmother with two children, a boy and a girl. He was trying to play with them, but at the age of almost two you think they are playing together, yet no. If you observe carefully they are in their own worlds. Just hanging out close.

Matthew is very happy and polite boy when comes to playgrounds, but when he sees other kids running around and doing crazy things, he laughs and then he joins them. My heart sometimes stops - running without breaks, sand flying. However, today he wasn't so bad. He was playing in the sand and moving the sand from one place to the other. Then who would thought. He takes his full hand of sand in his hand, and puts it all on the girls head. So spontaneous, that I didn't have time to stop him. So innocent too, because he started to laugh (really laugh), while I am trying to clean the girls long hair.

- 'Its okay' - the grandmother said.
- 'No no it is not' - I said.
- 'I am sorry again' - I said.
- 'Mathew why did you do that for?' - I said to Matthew.
- 'Why do that' - he asked.
- 'Yes, why?'- I said.
- 'Why?' - he said.
Finally I caught on to his play on words game.
- 'Matthew, please say you are sorry' - I asked.
- 'Sorry' - Matthew said.
- 'Its okay Matthew' - the grandmother replied.
Matthew laughed.

Children? Things they will do. I think I prefer when he hugs girls instead, because if they fall at least it was a good intention.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Dr. Google My Baby Is Colic - Can You Help?

My baby was born. It was me and my husband - new parents, some experience from others, little knowledge from the books. However it all comes naturally anyway when comes to taking care of the baby. Well how hard can it be - they need food and need to be changed? I was breastfeeding. Totally new to breastfeeding - new as I could be. Baby latched his way, chewed my nipple. I got thrush and infection, but I was still breastfeeding (believe or not two years later I am still breastfeeding). My Matthew was a hungry baby, as far as I could tell then. Now days, probably comfort and soothing. Every two hours he would eat. I remember that one day, I was holding him for four hours, no washroom break, no getting up. Yes I would do anything for my baby. Well, the best thing about Matthew was that almost exactly 7 pm he would get fussy, and started to cry. All this in the first three days being home. We tried everything, radio, rocking on the chair, walking back and forth, singing, playing CDs, moving in the stroller - nothing worked.

When Matthew was dismissed from the hospital we suspected that he had jaundice, and he did. His doctor scheduled him for blood test. All we could do was keep him in on the sun. After the test, next evening doctor called and confirmed that the he did in fact had mild jaundice. Told us to keep Matthew on the sun, and to bring him for another test in few days.

- 'Doctor, can I ask you a question' - I thought I get some advice on the crying, while I have him on the phone.
- 'Yes' - deep voice answered.
- 'Baby is crying around evening time, and I cannot figure out what is wrong' - I told him.
- 'He is colic, too young to know, look up on Google - okay' - he said.
- 'Okay' - I answered in shock, especially about the Google part.
- 'Good bye' - he said and hang up.
- 'Good bye' - to any body if still left there on the phone.

Okay what did just happened, I thought. Look up on the Google? Doctor, you get your advice from Google too? May be every time there is something wrong, I will just look up on Google and Dr. Google will solve all my baby's illnesses and problems. Never mind may be make him even more sick. Self diagnosis can be very frightening, when you start reading any medical book or web sites with medical information.

That night I read everything possibly about colic. To my conclusion I have learned that everything was wrong with my baby. I got scared.

'I cannot take it anymore.' - I said.

Next day we have scheduled appointment with breastfeeding nurse. Believe or not she was the best thing ever that happened to us. She thought us how to breastfeed properly. She told us when baby is fussy just put him on the breast. 'He wants to be close, he wants to be nurtured' - she said. 'He is growing, and needs to adapt fast to the new environment outside mommy's belly. He needs to be close, and breastfeeding is the best thing you could give to your baby' - she continued.

That was the best thing someone ever told us. We really have been blessed with nurse that really cared. Baby was and is now healthy as it can be. As long Matthew was close to me and had access to food - he was happy.

'Dr. Google may be another time we will consult you, but this time you were wrong. There was nothing wrong with our baby.'

Monday, March 15, 2010

100 & 112 Years Old - Remembering Those Who Departed

On March 10th 2010 it was my grandmother's birthday. She passed away about 14 years ago, and on that day if she was still alive - she be 100 years old. 1910 she was born. She lived through both WWWI and WWWII. I will always remember her. Those sweet moments sleeping beside you in the bed and listening to your stories are always with me.

My grandfather on the other hand, don't know the day of his birth day, but he be 112 years old. 1898 he was born. I was 5 years old when he passed away. It was sudden, and I cried - as it was captured on the photo. I will also remember you, and I will always remember when you used to sit in the dark and smoke the home-made cigarette. I couldn't see you very well in the dark, but I could see the small light in the corner of the room. You were always thinking.

I will always remember both of you. It is always nice to see you in my dreams. You made my childhood fun and exciting, and thought me a lot and told me many happy and sad stories from your childhood and life in general.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - The Parrot Talk

Watching Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 been very exciting for three of us. There were moments of happiness, sadness, surprise, shock, excitement. You name it. All that for three of us.

Olympians fall down the hill. Not a pleasant view for all of us. Ouch, ouch something I will have to say. With Matthew around repeating everything we say, definitely there can be a possibility for him to pick up some words you don't want him to know yet. But yet, did happened.

(watching tv)

Matthew - Olimpics, Olimpics. Watching Olimpics.
Mommy (me) - Matthew man is going to jump.
Matthew - Oh man jumping, ready set goooooo.
Mommy (me) - Matthew watch, man is jumping high.
Matthew - High. Juuuumping. (yes he likes to emphasize his words)
(pause, man falling on his butt)
Mommy (me) - Oh Sh_t!!!
Matthew - Ohhh Sh____t, Ohhh Sh_t, Oh Sh____t.
Mommy (me) not responding, not reacting so Matthew stops to repeat. Sporting event changes to commercial.
Matthew - Mommy more sh_t. (looking at me)
Mommy (me) - Matthew wait few more minutes and it will be back. (looking at Matthew and trying hard not to laugh)
Matthew - Ohh baaaack. Olimpics back.

Next time Mommy needs to watch her language.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Spirit Stories: Shoe-less Skis

The only winter sport I ever did is going down the hill on the sled, yet I always been scared of downhill speeds - God Bless those on the luge or skeleton track. Bottom line I am not much of the Olympian when comes to winter or even any other sports - walking is my only and the only sport. However, since Olympics are so much fun to watch especially because we watch them with Matthew (Olimpics, Olimpics, Set Gooooo - Matthew would say), I will write some of my small memories that popped in my head watching 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Olympics 2010
My parents once wanted me to be an Olympian - not really. When I was in grade 5 they got me my first skis. Yes full size nice skis. The only problem was I had no shoes to go with it. They promised to get them next year, and the next year it was next year and then next year again was the next year - I think you know what I mean. So I spend next few years looking at them, and sometimes to take them outside for a walk. Meaning, I would take big elastics, wrap them around my normal boots and the skis and trying to go down a small hill. I was just hoping and dreaming that the elastic would not interfere with sliding - very stupid idea. Well, then I would bring them home, clean them, and wax them, and store them. Every year I would repeat the same, hoping my parents would get the hint eventually - but looks like the idea was forgotten. After all they were very nice yellow with red accent paint skis. The time passed, winter passed, Christmases passed, and the skis neither me never saw the ski shoes or the boots.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Memorable Moments - Unforgettable Wedding Moment Goes To The Dog

White Rose
If I start writing my traditional romantic stories, you probably be sleeping after few lines - very little romance. Our unique romance revolves around laughing and joking around, and having fun. We are just one of those where it is impossible to be romantic - it makes me laugh and I cannot help it sometimes. I am glad that my husband (he is the romantic one) goes with it - and its fun. I still laugh until this day how my husband wanted to be original and proposed to me during the dinner, going on his knees. But that did not go very well with me because all I could think was 'just get up up up fast' and 'lets eat those pirogies I ordered' - or I will start laughing. Yeah, only me to order pirogies during this romantic and life making decision.

So finally we got married after year and a half of planning, and been married for 12 interesting years. My wedding day was beautiful. We had so much fun, and I did not shed a single tear during that day - yes I was that happy. Okay I did some shedding before wedding, as some things didn't go the way I wanted, but then on the end it didn't really matter - it wasn't the flowers I was marrying, it wasn't the dress I was marrying. Beside me being happy, my husband being happy and the rest of the family being happy - one wandering wondering dog was happy too. And the story goes....

I didn't like my so perfect bouquet of flowers florist made me. I wanted something just simple and almost looking like it was hand picked. No she had to do her way. Well during a photo shoot whenever I had a split second time I would shake my flowers to make them look a bit messy. But the florist was good, it was hard to mess them up. I tried and tried, and finally walking on the side walk, pretending to be a star (yeah I had to do that once), beating the bouquet against my dress - hurray finally I lost one rose head. Then, to my surprise, from nowhere - a small white dog shows up, eats the rose head, lifts his/her tail up and walks away happy - a moment I will never forget of all wedding moments. Too bad photographer didn't see this one coming.

....and this is my Valentine story for this year! Its small may be meaningless moment, but been in my head for years.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - I Am Mona Lisa Now!

Mona Lisa
May be a bit, or may be I do look a lot like Mona Lisa. Statistics do not lie. I have only two but they are honest one. Over the years, my mother sometimes would say to me - 'My Mona Lisa'. I knew why, I had long hair and division in the middle. But now I became Mona Lisa again.

Matthew looks at the picture on the Nintendo DS, looks at dad and looks back at the picture again.
Dad asks - 'Matthew who is this?'
Matthew looks at the picture and then at dad, and a bit shocked, surprised and confused says - 'Mom?'
Dad laughs, and says - 'Yes'
I was washing dishes, and asked -  'What is he looking at?'
Dad answers - 'Just a Mona Lisa picture'

Day later. Matthew plays again with Nintendo DS. Next I hear him talking to the Nintendo - 'Oh mom, oh mommm' - almost hugging the game console. I go look over his shoulder, and there she is again - the Mona Lisa. And who knew that my own son will see Mona Lisa in me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Bye Bye Man!

Children are the best if comes to their expressions, their gestures and their innocent talk. Matthew is now 20 months and what a small loud character he is.

Yesterday we had an appointment with the banker to invest some money in Matthew's future education. Last year the same appointment wasn't so bad, as Matthew was still in the car seat, but this year he walks, runs and talks. The crayons and the coloring book only kept him busy for three minutes, other ten minutes he actually observed the banker do all the work on the computer. Suddenly, Matthew screams - 'oh preent preent woooow'. Yes, the man was suddenly printing our paper work. Well that was it for sitting in the office.

He runs out the office, and the exploration starts. On the side of the eye, I can see everyone looking at Matthew, and in their eyes I can see smiles. Yes, he not only walks, runs but asks - 'What is thees? and thees?'. That's man's computer, that is TV, you want to watch Bambi - 'Nope', he says. He walks into another empty office, stands there for a good minute and observes everything around. Finds calculator, 'Seet Seet', points at the chair. Sits on the chair and makes a butt motion to move him closer to the table. He is ready to calculate. He knows his numbers. Then he takes the calculator and brings to the office where his dad sits with the man.

Ready for another run. Matthew now gets my cell phone to play with. Oh Matthew this is a long distance to Maryland. I still don't know how his little fingers always find numbers to call the numbers we don't want him to call. So he calls some number, puts into his ear - 'Noonnaa, noonnaa! doing' That is his grandmother he is calling now and asking what she is doing.

Time to sign some paperwork for me, so we switch now - my husband gets him. Time is running out and so is Matthew's patience. He swirls him self away from daddy, grabs my handbag and starts walking out the door. Matthew where are you going sweetie? 'Bye bye man, taank you, bey bye man'. He walks out the office, and walking to the door keep repeating to everyone around 'bye bye man', happy having us going with him. On the side of my eye I could see everyone in the line turning, and again bright smiles in their eyes. We came out laughing too. I guess we will have to decide later on the education fund investment.

I also have Matthew's latest photo on MyOnlyPhoto blog, Motion Pictures - My Experimental Photography - little speedster he is.