Sunday, May 24, 2009

Go Green - No More Boxer Shorts

Some of you can agree with me that doing laundry to most of us can be a second nature, meaning doing it without thinking. Then if we can do it without thinking, I on the other hand think about something else. I just plan things doing laundry - yes why waste time. So one day, I was washing most of the clothes in the cold water, using cold water detergent - being environmental of course. I was then thinking this is good, saving some energy not using the water heater. My water heater on the other hand sucks, it always accumulates rust water on the bottom of the tank, so instead of white clothes I get shades of of white, but that is not even a story for any day. So to make sure I at least get one post in May on my blog, I will make is short and sweet. I came up with - or may be someone already did - to go green, men should wear briefs instead of boxer shorts. Boxer shorts kind of look more stylish, but forget the style and save the energy - with briefs I can cut my laundry loads in half. But don't you talk to me about G strings for women, because all the strings would get may laundry screwed up by jamming the drum or I probably would have to untangle them one by one, and that would take forever - don't like that!. But then may be if weather permits we all should cut down on clothing. The idea of uniform continues to hover over my head, and is looking better and better every day. Got crazy go green ideas, go for it and let the world know!