Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sleeping During Lecture

It is good to remember good times, and university was one of them. I only remember good times. All other times where we had to study hard and sometimes results were not so pretty are gone and I never looked back once. But then let me tell you this funny and memorable story.

In our fourth year of university we ended up having tough professor for one of the solid mechanics course. He was a happy individual, but tough. He was one of those professors who wants you to pay attention in class - so guess what, he would ask questions, and if you didn't know then you are shining star on the spot light.

Well, one day the lecture wasn't very interesting, but we all tried hard not to show how bored we were, otherwise, this usually initiated question and answer period. Well there is always that small percentage of the population that will surprise you. So we are vividly paying attention, and suddenly professor points at one student in the auditorium - 'Hey you in the brown jacket, would you be kind enough to wake that guy up beside you' - he said. The student in the brown jacket looks back at the professor and answers - 'You put him to sleep, you wake him up'. I could see that probably every hair including mine, on every student got stiff when hearing the reply. But to our surprise, the professor started to laugh, and said - 'That was good one, I guess I will have to wake him up'. We all laughed, and the sleepy head didn't know what did just happpen.