Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Mommy Will Be Coming To Town!

All these wrapped gifts in my living room, and none for Matthew. 'Is this Matthew's present?' - Matthew would ask. 'No honey, this is for baby Lucas' - I would reply. I was wrapping a box of liquor chocolates. Matthew comes, pulls of the wrapping paper and says, 'Oh thank you Mommy!' 'Matthew sweetheart, this is not for you, its for uncle Ben' - I said it again, and gently took it away from him. Today, I put one of the wrapped presents on the table, 'This is Matthew's present!' - he demanded.

Well its time to have a little talk.

'Matthew dear baby - all these presents are for other people. Yours is coming with Santa. Unfortunately he is still shopping for your present, so that is why we don't have one here for you' - I told him. He nodded his head. It is so cool to have such a grown up conversations with the 2 year old (+ 7 months). 'Okay Mommy' - he replied. I went back to my wrapping, and Matthew went back to his playing. But then at some point Matthew comes running to me and says - 'Mommy sit with Matthew on the sofa and wait for Santa'. So I did, and I told him again about Santa bringing Matthews presents, and that he is shopping for many nice presents. I ask him if he knew what stores he will be visiting, 'Ahhhhh Wal-mart'. We laughed together.

Later in the afternoon, one of my orders from online finally arrived. The delivery man rings the bell. Matthew jumps and yells - 'Mommy Santa is here!'.

I guess this Christmas, first time in the three years, Mommy will be wearing Santa suite. Daddy offered, but I told him unless he looses some weight, he will be able to have the act. And for now I will have to keep Matthew busy for another week, otherwise there will be an early Santa in our house.

Happy holidays to all my readers!
Wishing you lots of love, happiness and peace.