Thursday, September 8, 2011

Too Much Growing Up

How can Matthew forget about something we took away from him. Every where he looks, on Internet, in stores and newspapers - there is NintendoDS.

Couple of weeks ago we went to our local mall Upper Canada Mall. They have few little attractions - a playground, rides and spinning wheel games.

We we arrived the amusement area and I could only see how Matthew eyes opened up. He noticed the NintendoDS to be one of the prizes in the spinning wheel machine.

'Mommy get this, get this, the NintendoDS' - he got excited.
'Matthew we don't know if we can win it' - I replied.
'Mommy win this, win this' - he kept asking.
'Okay, let see' - I took some cash and we had three tries to accumulate points for the prize.
While I was spinning the wheel, Matthew was cheering me, jumping around and pointing at the game console. 'NintendoDS, NintendoDS, NintendoDS' - he kept yelling, yes yelling. Luckily there were no spectators.

Well we did not win the NintendoDS, but we got a soccer-ball key chain.

I tell you the marketing strategy for the toys and video games  is not helping me.

Later that day we went home and Matthew took his regular nap. When he woke up he started to ask again about NintendoDS.

'Mommy can I get the NintendoDS?' - he asked soon as he woke up. Talking about persistence.
'No Matthew, not yet, you need to be a big boy and be 5 or 6 years old' - I told him again for the millionth time.
'But Mommy I am 3 years old and 5 years old is too much growing up' - he replied.

I smiled.