Friday, January 22, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - I Am Mona Lisa Now!

Mona Lisa
May be a bit, or may be I do look a lot like Mona Lisa. Statistics do not lie. I have only two but they are honest one. Over the years, my mother sometimes would say to me - 'My Mona Lisa'. I knew why, I had long hair and division in the middle. But now I became Mona Lisa again.

Matthew looks at the picture on the Nintendo DS, looks at dad and looks back at the picture again.
Dad asks - 'Matthew who is this?'
Matthew looks at the picture and then at dad, and a bit shocked, surprised and confused says - 'Mom?'
Dad laughs, and says - 'Yes'
I was washing dishes, and asked -  'What is he looking at?'
Dad answers - 'Just a Mona Lisa picture'

Day later. Matthew plays again with Nintendo DS. Next I hear him talking to the Nintendo - 'Oh mom, oh mommm' - almost hugging the game console. I go look over his shoulder, and there she is again - the Mona Lisa. And who knew that my own son will see Mona Lisa in me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Bye Bye Man!

Children are the best if comes to their expressions, their gestures and their innocent talk. Matthew is now 20 months and what a small loud character he is.

Yesterday we had an appointment with the banker to invest some money in Matthew's future education. Last year the same appointment wasn't so bad, as Matthew was still in the car seat, but this year he walks, runs and talks. The crayons and the coloring book only kept him busy for three minutes, other ten minutes he actually observed the banker do all the work on the computer. Suddenly, Matthew screams - 'oh preent preent woooow'. Yes, the man was suddenly printing our paper work. Well that was it for sitting in the office.

He runs out the office, and the exploration starts. On the side of the eye, I can see everyone looking at Matthew, and in their eyes I can see smiles. Yes, he not only walks, runs but asks - 'What is thees? and thees?'. That's man's computer, that is TV, you want to watch Bambi - 'Nope', he says. He walks into another empty office, stands there for a good minute and observes everything around. Finds calculator, 'Seet Seet', points at the chair. Sits on the chair and makes a butt motion to move him closer to the table. He is ready to calculate. He knows his numbers. Then he takes the calculator and brings to the office where his dad sits with the man.

Ready for another run. Matthew now gets my cell phone to play with. Oh Matthew this is a long distance to Maryland. I still don't know how his little fingers always find numbers to call the numbers we don't want him to call. So he calls some number, puts into his ear - 'Noonnaa, noonnaa! doing' That is his grandmother he is calling now and asking what she is doing.

Time to sign some paperwork for me, so we switch now - my husband gets him. Time is running out and so is Matthew's patience. He swirls him self away from daddy, grabs my handbag and starts walking out the door. Matthew where are you going sweetie? 'Bye bye man, taank you, bey bye man'. He walks out the office, and walking to the door keep repeating to everyone around 'bye bye man', happy having us going with him. On the side of my eye I could see everyone in the line turning, and again bright smiles in their eyes. We came out laughing too. I guess we will have to decide later on the education fund investment.

I also have Matthew's latest photo on MyOnlyPhoto blog, Motion Pictures - My Experimental Photography - little speedster he is.