Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sometimes I Wonder Why?

  1. Sometimes I wonder why we haven't been back to Moon since 1972?
  2. Sometimes I wonder why since I been more in tuned with nature, animals tend to come my way, especially birds?
  3. Sometimes I wonder how much stored data is there on Internet, and how much is generated everyday?
  4. Sometimes I wonder why rain falls after every time I wash my car?
  5. Sometimes I wonder why people have pets and they do not take care of them?
  6. Sometimes I wonder why when I am really hungry, the food delivery takes forever?
  7. Sometimes I wonder why I like graphed paper over lined paper?
  8. Sometimes I wonder why when I am in the rush to get somewhere, there is always extra traffic on the road?
  9. Sometimes I wonder why when I need help in return there is no body around?
  10. Sometimes I wonder why when someone else is yawning, I start to yawn also?
  11. Sometimes I wonder why I am more efficient when I am organized, and others are more efficient when they are not organized?
  12. Sometimes I wonder how can one remember exact location of each object on one's study desk?
  13. Sometimes I wonder why crying generates tears?
  14. Sometimes I wonder why I dream every single day - its my second life?
  15. Sometimes I wonder what kind of technology will be in the world 100 years from now?
  16. Sometimes I wonder will I ever finish the Internet?
  17. Sometimes I wonder why now that I am older the life seems to be zooming by?
  18. Sometimes I wonder why I like number 11?
  19. Sometimes I wonder why I get many encounters with number 11?
  20. Sometimes I wonder why I cannot let go my fears - swimming and ghosts?
  21. Sometimes I wonder why I love what I do....yeah sometimes I wonder?


  1. Hi Anna, sometimes I wonder too... lol

    nice post, got me thinking about human similarities for a moment there.
    got to see this post cos I faved it on my tecnorati, the title fascinated me and i just clicked... am soooooo glad I did, just needed something to relax with, its funny and refreshing.

    Godbless in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

  2. channelofhealing glad you found me here too. I was kind of day dreaming and was in the mood to express myself, and all this came to my mind - very simple, but I really do ask myself sometimes these questions, so I wrote them. I am very glad that you enjoyed it, and I was able to return favor for all the nice posts you have on your blog.
    Anna :)

  3. Anna, sometimes amidst all our thoughts and views on wondering about anything under the same, we come to realize an important conclusion: That life is indeed beautiful! And I kid you not!

  4. Hey anitokid thanks for your comment, and inspiring comment - yes I agree with you, life is indeed beautiful and you kid me not. anna:) ooops this is your line, I promise not to use it again, lol.

  5. All excellent questions. Especially the tears question - never thought about that before!

  6. Thanks drowseymonkey, I have many more may be I can use them for future post. Anna :) thanks for commenting


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