Monday, August 20, 2007

Hwy 401 Observations

To point out I see my husband almost 24/7. We work together, and we go everywhere together. I have one day off work, but lately he has been taking days off with me because of his accumulated vacation days. However, we never run of things to talk about, even if something we see to criticize. Sometimes when we drive, we criticize others for their driving, or make fun of others. Don't you worry, nothing offending, just two people hanging out for too long with each other and starving for excitement.
This time we are driving on Hwy 401 and there is this guy driving red Jeep with no passenger side door. Okay, safety first, I don't think it is wise. But then we just envision this guy driving on the desert with his Jeep in Africa and this lion jumps in for a free ride. That would be fun to watch - may be someone can use this for movie set. So as we pass him and leave him behind and out of our sight, we finally reach Hwy 403, and we notice this piece of rolled paper swatting around the car and out the window. It turned out that a wasp jumped in for a free ride with this other guy. So our wish came true, lion - wasp, close enough, jumping for a free ride. It was funny to see, and hope everything turned out okay on the end. I tell you its not fun to ride with a wasp hovering over your head.



  1. Could you please send over
    the roads you & your husband
    drive on, and the times you
    will be on them? I want to
    be sure to avoid being there
    myself, innocently driving
    along. Obviously you two
    have powerful manifestation
    abilities for your humorous
    imaginations! I don't want
    wasps, or lions, or who knows
    what else, suddenly appearing
    in my car as you two drive by!!

  2. Jaya, thanks for visiting. Yeah we are sometimes two nuts driving around and observing, but no harm after all to anyone. You comment made me laugh. Anna :)


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