Friday, August 17, 2007

Backyard Birding Surprise

This is one of my birding stories. Its real, short and sweet if you not into long reading...

Today, I was not able to go birding (because we are renovating, actually my husband is working hard and I am here blogging). However, I was very fortunate to see something cool. So I am sitting on the Muskoka chair and eating breakfast outside. I looked up and I see this bird going head on, towards me. First I thought that it was a Rock Pigeon, yeah I really thought that. But then the flight pattern was different. As this bird flies towards me and got closer, it finally hit me that this was either an osprey or one of the hawks (not sure which one, or even Melrin), and this bird was holding something in his claws, fish or mouse, or even bird (sad). He flew over my head, just about 3 feet. It was a smooth and very quiet glide. And how cool this is, now that I am heavily involved in birding, birds come to me. Or may be it was my breakfast. lol.

So I get excited and called my husband to tell him the story.... So now we both standing and talking about it and I kept repeating 'wow'. Then suddenly both of us looked up and there is this Great Blue Heron flying over, unusually low, just cleared the house.

This is just within 5 minutes - two big birds just like that...must say it was fun morning. And where was my camera in moment like that - I guess I will have to remember it.



  1. All I can say is "WOW"! That is the coolest experience! I'm a birder too and would have just loved to be in your shoes. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. Rosehaven thank you for visiting. Seems like since I started bird watching, I really see more birds, and more let me come closer to photograph them...Anna :)


And now lets hear your blobbing, lol!