Monday, August 27, 2007

The Silent Couple

When we started to mountain bike, it was all about the fitness, and as we biked more and more, it was more about self discovery - the appreciation for nature and people. The more we appreciated, and pay more attention the the surroundings - the more birds would come to us, the more animals be around us and the more interesting people would stop us on the side of the road to talk. And for those who passed us in silence, their silence gave us a sense of unprecedented calmness and peace, and happiness. If I talked about every person we met when biking this would be a long story to tell - but there is someone I want to talk about. Firstly what are the chances that you will see the same person every time you go biking. The only explanation is that since we bike only once a week in the morning that person must walk everyday in order for us to meet at almost the same location. So I don't really see coincidence in this encounter, but the coincidence was that we had the same routine.
It was one very beautiful summer day. Just by accident we decided to take a quick stop in that one location to get a drink. People were passing us by bikes, and by walking, and it was that one old couple that passed us. Both were tiny and fragile boned individuals due to their age, but beautiful. They were a long time friends, husband and wife. She was helping him to walk, as he looked much older and more fragile. She was a strong woman and he appreciated. They walked slowly, they did not talk nor say hello - but they were happy. They were happy that they were still together, they were happy that they lived that long, and even we don't know anything about their life - their face expressions told the story of their life - the love for each other. They were the silent people, but their silence was telling the story of their lives and was saying hello to us.
As the summer almost passed by, the birds continue to come to us, more animals race us through narrow bike trails everytime, and we continue to meet interesting people, and we continue to see the silent beautiful old lady - but she was alone. As we may physically perceive that she was alone, she was not. Her face expression told the story of her life - she is happy to celebrate her husband's life and continues to walk the same path with gentle smile on her face.
There will be a time that she will be gone one day too, but as we will continue this bike path of wisdom and to self discovery, the silent presence of a beautiful couple will always be there.



  1. Nice portrayal of that couple. A relationship and time in life most of us long for, but which few of us will attain.

  2. ...and hope I can attain. thanks for your nice comment...anna :)


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