Thursday, October 21, 2010

Handyman Or Candyman

By now probably all of you figure out that I will be writing a lot about Matthew. This is my 24/7 job, a job I absolutely love and it is worth writing about.

Today, I will list cute things Matthew says everyday. His vocabulary is absolutely amazing, however, sometimes, he has little difficulty remembering the right pronunciation or even structuring the sentences. It really sounds so cute, hopefully you can hear the same.

'Mommy I need a waterlemon' - Matthew said.
'Matthew I think you meant a watermelon' - I replied.
Never mind after while the waterlemon becomes contiguous word.
'Honey we should get more waterlemon for Matthew today' - I told my husband.
'Mommy (my second half calls me Mommy), I think you meant a watermelon' - he replied.

'Mommy baba and dzido lives in Mr. Saga' - Matthew said.
'Matthew its Mississauga' - I replied.
By the way, baba and dzido, means grandmother and grandfather.

'Mommy I want McDonald handburger' - Matthew demanded.
'Matthew its McDonald's hamburger, and you don't want to eat it, its not good for you.' - I replied.
These days it is very easy to learn from the commercials, and he learns fast.

'Mommy I am going to play panio now.' - Matthew told me.
'Matthew how about playing p-i-a-no?' - I asked.
'Okay.' - he replied, and walks away.

'Look Matthew little girl Melody says - Hi' - I told Matthew.
'Hi Medoly, I am Matthew, how you doing?' - he told Melody.

'Matthew this is an elevator, would you like to go up?' - I asked.
'No no no alegator mommy!' - he yelled.
Well, for some reason we cannot take him to the elevator, he is scared; and it has nothing to do with the alligators.

We taught Matthew the full home address, from home number, to street name, to town name.
'Matthew where do you live?' - we ask.
'I live ### Street Name in Aurora' - he replies.
So every time Matthew sees Aurora sign, he get excited.
'Look Mommy, Daddy Inaurora sign on the road'.
It gets even better, when we tell him that lady Mary (our neighbor) lives in Aurora.
'Oh no that's wrong' - Matthew replies with serious face.
He thinks only Mommy, Daddy and Matthew live in Aurora.

The latest and greatest. I got him Halloween dress up suit. Matthew will be the handyman. We got home and started to test all the tools. Matthew puts hardhat on, safety glasses, and picks hammer to hold.
'Mommy look I am candy-man' - he tells me.
'Matthew you are a handyman, but you will be a candy-man after you go trick-or-treat' - I replied.

If you have not seen yet, here is picture of Matthew taken in August - Good Bye Summer & Welcome Autumn Full Of Good Memories.


  1. Your little Matthew is adorable, and is growing so fast! Loved this post, it reminds me of a little boy we used to live next door to, my daughter liked too play with, called Nicholas. She couldn't pronounce his name, and much to his mothers consternation, she would screech, "Nickers!!" in delight, every time she greeted him..!

  2. Dear Anna, Matthew is adorable:O)
    Anyway, don't worry for his lexical's ok. When children are so little it's very difficult for them to remember the right pronunciation or to be able to structure right sentences.
    He's so clever yet!:O)

  3. Ha..ha..haa..
    So wonderful and Interesting....
    Give my Regards to Little Matthew..
    Have great Time..

  4. Hi Anna, I bet when Matthew is grown up you will still remember some of his sayings. We do and they are now men of 36 and 39. {:)
    I always remember the first multiple word sentence that our youngest boy strung together was, "Mummy's picking blackberries".

  5. Hi Anna, Oh that's so cute! My parents always tell me how I had my own words for things like boots and books and other similar sounding words. btw "dzido"?? that's difficult to pronounce! In my language its "aжи" and "aбa" :)

  6. Hi Shrinky, thank you so much for sharing your cute story about Nickers, lol. You know I have to consider myself very blessed that Matthew talks at this age, because it is so much fun to hear his thoughts too. Thanks again for dropping by.

    Thanks Luly for encouragement. We definitely try not to push him too much. However, whenever I ask him to repeat again correctly, he says 'Okay mommy' and walks alway. He is such a character. Again, thanks for commenting.

    Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts thanks!

    Thanks kRiZ cPEc, and what's FB?

    Joy Palakkal glad I made you laugh or rather, Matthew did. Thanks again for your returning visits.

    Thanks Roy, I sure will. These are the best times to enjoy them and to listen to them. Wow 36 and 39 years old. It is nice to hear that you can remember that far. Thanks Roy again for your visit.

    Priyank, wow you are here. Hey dzido sounds worst than it looks, lol. Yours sounds easy. I will see you soon, got to find out how your marathon went. Again thanks for dropping by here.

    Thanks all again,
    Anna :)


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