Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder What Children Think When They Do Things

Sometimes I wonder. Few years ago I was sitting on my backyard and I was enjoying nice weather. It was kind of loud, because children in other backyards were playing. I didn't really mind. However, I overheard this one incident that made me laugh.
- 'What did you do that for?' - a mother asked one of the twin sisters; in the mean time one of them was crying.
Silence, and no answer from the sister in trouble. Now its all mother talk.
- 'How would you feel if someone put your head under the water?' - a mother asked.
- 'How would you feel' - she asked again.
Silence continued and mother kept talking trying to discipline the twin in trouble.

So sometimes I wonder why children do that. Explore. Have Fun. Discover. Action and reaction. All that probably. Since that incident I have now my own child, and sometimes I wonder what he is thinking too. The other day we went to the playground. At that time there was a grandmother with two children, a boy and a girl. He was trying to play with them, but at the age of almost two you think they are playing together, yet no. If you observe carefully they are in their own worlds. Just hanging out close.

Matthew is very happy and polite boy when comes to playgrounds, but when he sees other kids running around and doing crazy things, he laughs and then he joins them. My heart sometimes stops - running without breaks, sand flying. However, today he wasn't so bad. He was playing in the sand and moving the sand from one place to the other. Then who would thought. He takes his full hand of sand in his hand, and puts it all on the girls head. So spontaneous, that I didn't have time to stop him. So innocent too, because he started to laugh (really laugh), while I am trying to clean the girls long hair.

- 'Its okay' - the grandmother said.
- 'No no it is not' - I said.
- 'I am sorry again' - I said.
- 'Mathew why did you do that for?' - I said to Matthew.
- 'Why do that' - he asked.
- 'Yes, why?'- I said.
- 'Why?' - he said.
Finally I caught on to his play on words game.
- 'Matthew, please say you are sorry' - I asked.
- 'Sorry' - Matthew said.
- 'Its okay Matthew' - the grandmother replied.
Matthew laughed.

Children? Things they will do. I think I prefer when he hugs girls instead, because if they fall at least it was a good intention.


  1. I was chuckling right through this post :)

    How are you??

    Here's the link to my new id and blog. Plz update ur reader. TC!

  2. Reading your story I remembered something crazy that I did when I was really little. I was playing with a boy in the playground. Running, playing with the sand, etc. I was with my grandma and he was with his grandma. At one point, I remember, I took a handful of sand and threw it in the boy's face (sand got in his eyes). Don't ask me why I did it cause I have no idea.
    Hugs your way Anna:)

  3. That is so true.
    They are in their own world, hanging too close.

  4. Hi there, Anna!:O)
    Our guys are so, so, so cool!:O)

  5. That's an adorable picture of your Matthew. I wonder if he thought the girl was cute. Maybe that's what a whole pail of sand on the head signifies: You're really cute, baby.

    Thanks for a darling post, Anna.

  6. Lovely post :)
    At my work in kindergarten I se this all the time :)))

  7. Yes. I do wonder.. The same as you, when I look at them interact with each other they really look like they are in their own little word. Or when I overhear them talking and particularly trying to explain things to each other.

  8. Oh gosh, the bedlam innocent babes can create - I remember it well! I had four children within the space of five years, so I kind of found we had our own travelling creche in the early days. Thank goodness I had some help, or we would have never dared venture out! (giggle)

  9. That's an amazing photo of your Matthew :)
    You have lovely blog!

    marinela x x

  10. Developmentally he's not ready for thinking -- or answering "why" questions. He is all about reactions. Trial and error. And fun.

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