Monday, March 15, 2010

100 & 112 Years Old - Remembering Those Who Departed

On March 10th 2010 it was my grandmother's birthday. She passed away about 14 years ago, and on that day if she was still alive - she be 100 years old. 1910 she was born. She lived through both WWWI and WWWII. I will always remember her. Those sweet moments sleeping beside you in the bed and listening to your stories are always with me.

My grandfather on the other hand, don't know the day of his birth day, but he be 112 years old. 1898 he was born. I was 5 years old when he passed away. It was sudden, and I cried - as it was captured on the photo. I will also remember you, and I will always remember when you used to sit in the dark and smoke the home-made cigarette. I couldn't see you very well in the dark, but I could see the small light in the corner of the room. You were always thinking.

I will always remember both of you. It is always nice to see you in my dreams. You made my childhood fun and exciting, and thought me a lot and told me many happy and sad stories from your childhood and life in general.


  1. Sweet post. 100 & 112 is a long time to live!

    My gram died 2 months ago today. She was 86. I miss her dearly. But, even in death, I know she is near.

  2. Touching post! We just celebrated my dad's 60th, he's birthday is march 10th to! My grandfather would have been 97 on April 13th.. I alway remember him on that day. Grandparents are such a gift.

  3. My grandpa died a year ago and a lot of things changed. He wasn't the sweet kind type, but somehow I still miss him. He was around for 30 years, it's weird when someone, who was always there, suddenly disappears...

  4. Anna, what a sweet and moving post. A great tribute to your grandparents.
    Have a nice week!

  5. Sweet and touching post. I love it. I miss my grandpa too and it makes me happy when he shows up in my dreams.
    Hugs your way, sweet Anna:)

  6. It's so beautiful you honour their memories with such love and warm recollections - and lucky, lucky you, to have such great genes running through your veins (you'll reach 150yrs at the very least, methinks)!

  7. It's always so sweet and sad, at the same time, remembering our dear grandparents. Thay are the story of our family, the essence of ourselves......
    I send you my best hugs, dear Anna.

  8. Sigh...Life goes on....even when it seems harder without them...I missed those comforting words of wisdom, those meaningful smiles, as if saying "go on, you'll be okay"...

  9. Anna, sooooo beautiful and poignant. You come from a beautiful family and Matthew is lucky to have such a heritage!

    Blessings to you and yours!

    My book TRUSTING GOD WHEN YOU HAVE CANCER just came up on your Amazon ad. How cool! :D

    Hugs, Nancy/JJ

  10. This post remind me my grandma, who lately passed in age of 87 and even she also don't know her birthday. Its so nice to know about u r great grandparents and glad about ur contribute and remembrance of this day.

  11. Anna,How are you? I am missing you a lot!
    How's the little one? Give my love to him!

    Take Care
    Lots of Love


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