Friday, April 2, 2010

Dr. Google My Baby Is Colic - Can You Help?

My baby was born. It was me and my husband - new parents, some experience from others, little knowledge from the books. However it all comes naturally anyway when comes to taking care of the baby. Well how hard can it be - they need food and need to be changed? I was breastfeeding. Totally new to breastfeeding - new as I could be. Baby latched his way, chewed my nipple. I got thrush and infection, but I was still breastfeeding (believe or not two years later I am still breastfeeding). My Matthew was a hungry baby, as far as I could tell then. Now days, probably comfort and soothing. Every two hours he would eat. I remember that one day, I was holding him for four hours, no washroom break, no getting up. Yes I would do anything for my baby. Well, the best thing about Matthew was that almost exactly 7 pm he would get fussy, and started to cry. All this in the first three days being home. We tried everything, radio, rocking on the chair, walking back and forth, singing, playing CDs, moving in the stroller - nothing worked.

When Matthew was dismissed from the hospital we suspected that he had jaundice, and he did. His doctor scheduled him for blood test. All we could do was keep him in on the sun. After the test, next evening doctor called and confirmed that the he did in fact had mild jaundice. Told us to keep Matthew on the sun, and to bring him for another test in few days.

- 'Doctor, can I ask you a question' - I thought I get some advice on the crying, while I have him on the phone.
- 'Yes' - deep voice answered.
- 'Baby is crying around evening time, and I cannot figure out what is wrong' - I told him.
- 'He is colic, too young to know, look up on Google - okay' - he said.
- 'Okay' - I answered in shock, especially about the Google part.
- 'Good bye' - he said and hang up.
- 'Good bye' - to any body if still left there on the phone.

Okay what did just happened, I thought. Look up on the Google? Doctor, you get your advice from Google too? May be every time there is something wrong, I will just look up on Google and Dr. Google will solve all my baby's illnesses and problems. Never mind may be make him even more sick. Self diagnosis can be very frightening, when you start reading any medical book or web sites with medical information.

That night I read everything possibly about colic. To my conclusion I have learned that everything was wrong with my baby. I got scared.

'I cannot take it anymore.' - I said.

Next day we have scheduled appointment with breastfeeding nurse. Believe or not she was the best thing ever that happened to us. She thought us how to breastfeed properly. She told us when baby is fussy just put him on the breast. 'He wants to be close, he wants to be nurtured' - she said. 'He is growing, and needs to adapt fast to the new environment outside mommy's belly. He needs to be close, and breastfeeding is the best thing you could give to your baby' - she continued.

That was the best thing someone ever told us. We really have been blessed with nurse that really cared. Baby was and is now healthy as it can be. As long Matthew was close to me and had access to food - he was happy.

'Dr. Google may be another time we will consult you, but this time you were wrong. There was nothing wrong with our baby.'


  1. Crazy doc! Hugs and Happy Easter:)

  2. That's kinda scary story Anna! I'm glad you are breastfeeding him... many mothers don't and that needs to be change for the baby's health. Consulting internet is the worst thing to do - there is just too much of irrelevant information!

  3. Happy, happy easter, sweet mummy!:O)

  4. Huh?! & they call themselves pros...
    Glad you didn't miss the appointment! That really made the difference...

  5. I hope you've since found a more thorough and compassionate doctor! The internet has some great stuff on it, but there are also a lot of flakes passing out advice on the net. Sheesh!

  6. Oh, I am surprised! Scary story, ugh! Good for you!

  7. Hi Anna! Thank goodness for the breastfeeding nurse. I am surprised and appalled at my fellow physician for saying that. Google should not be the source of information when you are in actual contact with your doctor...

    Have a good day!

  8. I was never successful at breastfeeding any of our five. But WOW, once they start getting teeth, isn't that a little rough for breast feeding? Have a fantastic week-end. And thanks for your visits.

  9. Arggggh, at least I could hide the medical encyclopedia's from my hubby, but I can't pull the plug on Google no matter how hard I try. The least symptom is diagnosed as potentially fatal now. Even the children have learned NEVER to complain of a bellyache to daddy..

  10. Anna:) How are you doing? How's the little one doing? It's been long time you havent post anything related to little one like small things he does little cutiness like that missing those post a lot ...Take Care


  11. Hi Anna,

    Oh my God: check on Google? Seriously? *nodding*...

    I am just glad that Matthew is fine and healthy (Thank God) :D!

    I hope all is well :D!



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