Saturday, October 9, 2010

Giving Thanks Everyday

Another year, another Thanksgiving weekend. We all probably agree that we should be thankful every day not just during Thanksgiving day. But those events have purpose, they are reminders, and Thanksgiving day is here to celebrate how thankful we are for everything around us. Even little things matter.

In our house we always thank each other. Thank you in fact is a very popular word. The word that is very often used by Matthew also. He is now 2 years old and 5 months (still remember bringing him home from the hospital - time definitely flies). Matthew also still argues with me that he is 2 years old and 4 months. I am sure he will find out soon that the numbers do change, like in his age.

Matthew learns fast, and here are few examples of how thankful he is every day! These are spontaneous moments, we don't even ask for - just out of blue Matthew is always thanking us. This is obviously result of us always thanking him for his doings. Note he has a bit difficulty with connecting words like 'and' and 'for', but they are coming along.

'Mommy thank you delicious chicken soup' - he loves chicken soup, and insist eating by himself, Ouch!
'Daddy thank going playground with Matthew' - he can recognize any playground in town.
'Nonna thank you Birthday cake' - wants birthday cake every time we mention birthday, and he sings for himself too - 'Happy Birthday Matthew, Happy Birthday Matthew'.
'Mommy thank you going outside' - outdoor kind of kid'
'Mommy thank you going Superstore' (our local supermarket) - knows all the supermarkets in town.
'Mommy thank you buying Matthew's toy' - like every child likes toys.
'Mommy Daddy thank you eating breakfast, together' - he still thinks every meal during the day is breakfast.'
'Mommy Daddy thank you going church with Matthew' - knows Sunday is a church day.

And the list can go on.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (celebrating or not) - and I thank you all for your visits and kind comments always.


  1. "Thank you" Anna for sharing Matthew's innocent tales with us. I couldn't help but noticing how close children are to God, like where you say Sunday is a church day. How many elders know it that well?


  2. Hi Anna, Matthew is obviously a young man with impeccable manners. {:)

  3. Thank you WarmSunshine! It is my pleasure to share tales about Matthew. I don't want to forget them either. Yes we diligently try to teach Matthew all aspects of life. Thank you again for visiting and commenting, it is always nice to hear from you. Anna :)

  4. Thank you Roy. You know they learn so fast, so we must teach them the good stuff :).

    Roy thanks so much for your visit, I am very glad that I stumbled over your blog.

    Anna :)

  5. I think Matthew is so lucky having a family like yours!:)
    Cheers, dear Anna.

  6. 'Mommy thank you !!!!!
    How lucky Mathew!!!
    Wish you and Mathew a great great time..

  7. Thank you kriz, happy one to you too!

    Luly thank you so much, and your children too of what I have seen on your posts.

    Joy, thank you, and thank you again for kind wishes.

    Anna :)

  8. Wonderful Photo.
    Great story,
    To this day even though my kids are in their 20's and 30's Thank You is still a big part of their vocabulary.
    Happy Thanksgiving, sorry I'm late...

    cheers, parsnip

  9. Children don't always have to be taught with words -- as you'vwe learned, example is very, very powerful. It teaches good things, and it teaches bad things -- anyone with a child will attest to this!

  10. And here is my thank you Parsnip for commenting. Looks like you did great job teaching your children the right thing. No sorry for being late, I am behind myself too.

    Quilly yes I have learned that, and I always like examples myself. Unfortunately, sometimes we slip wrong words around him, and it is amazing how fast they pick up, and it always make me laugh, that at that small age, they also know when to use it, lol, I guess they do pay attention into our emotion when we express ourselves in anger sometimes. But you know that gives us a motivation to use only nice words all the time. Thanks again for commenting, especially knowing that you are very busy.

    Anna :)

  11. Matthew sounds like a very bright young man for 2 years and 5 months. And he also knows what to be thankful for. I want to thank you for your visits.

  12. What a sweet kid Matthew is. We should probably say "Thank you, Matthew, for giving your mommy material to post on the blog and put a smile on our faces".

    Hugs and blessings your way, Anna :)


  13. Patty, no problem. It is always nice to visit your blog and get some good laughs before I go sleep.

    Hey Doina, its been long time girl. Where have you been? Yes, this is all I have for now, plus I want to record as much as possible while he is growing up. It will be nice one day to go back and read it again. That reminds me, I should back it up this blog too, lol. Hugs to you too dear.

    Anna :)


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