Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's Blobbing Moment

It happened to me few times before, and now. Why is writing sometimes so easy and sometimes so difficult to execute? I have so many ideas written for the Story Blob posts, but I still have to be in a moment to write them. This week I got no moments like that. But I got a moment for sleeping, and this is my own and all time favorite quote: 'who ever invented sleep was a genius'.


  1. I agree with you, my dear!:O)
    Have a resting holiday, kisses.....

  2. Sí, creo que es mejor dormir y esperar al dia siguiente :)

  3. Anna , I agree with you too! Sometimes you have so many thoughts in your mind but jst doesnt come in writing and feel lost how to put what your mind says in writing.

    How's my mathew doing?

    Have a good longweekend darling!


  4. As you can tell, I am no writer. My favourite time for writing and blogging is after I get my 2 little monsters ..em I mean sons to bed. My cup of cocoa in hand, relax and write. Ah so peaceful.

  5. I go through such long stretches like that! Blogging is meant to be a hobby, and fun.. but sheesh! When I run dry, I am absolutely miserable - how sad am I??


And now lets hear your blobbing, lol!