Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things We Only Say At Home

So we have fun. I sometimes pinch him in the bum, so he pinches me back.

One day we went outside and met with our local nanny and all her children. Matthew likes to play with them a lot, but he adores Lady Margaret, the nanny. One day when we arrived at her place, first thing he said to her was - 'I pinched Mommy's bum'. 'Matthew don't say that. We can only say that at home' - I explained laughing inside. 'I understand' - Matthew replied and ran to children to play.

Another time ...

We are playing hockey outside. Matthew is really good in hockey for his age. He always makes me run on the street to catch the ball. We only play ball hockey for now.
- 'Oh Sh!%' - I heard him saying.
- 'Matthew this is a bad word and we do not say things like that when things go wrong' - I told him.
He is at the age that he understands, so rather than ignoring it we rather explain that to him when it happens. They will pick up the bad words eventually, so why not teach him right from a start.
- 'Matthew we do not say bad words ever' - I explained again.
- 'I understand' - he confirmed.
The things kids pick up from the TV, and they know when to use it. We watch kids channel almost 80% of our time, so the time we switch to something else, here he is picking up the bad words. But he knows now, and he understands.

Later that day in the evening ...

I was talking to Matthew about something and I remembered what he did when playing hockey.
- 'Hey Daddy, Matthew said a bad word today' - I called to my husband.
Matthew smiled.
- 'Oh no Matthew why did you do that for' - Daddy put a serious face mask on and asked.
- 'Daddy we only say it at home, right' - Matthew called back to Daddy.
- 'No Matthew bad words, we never say them' - I started to explained to him.
Matthew looked at me kind of confused.
- 'F$#@&en Damit' - he replied, and walked away with smile on his face.

Oops we definitely missed that one. After that we had another little talk. Matthew now understands.

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