Friday, October 31, 2014

What is so Creepy About Jeepers Creepers

I watched lot of scary movies throughout my life. Movies with moments that make you jump or make you scream your lungs out or even leave the room. Perhaps that is a fun of the scary movies - to scare us beyond our imagination sometimes. However, scary is not enough. I think creepy effect has a more profound effect on people. It is the effect in the movie that produces a sensation of fear. It is the effect that give you goose-bumps and suddenly one is experiencing that moment where things are crawling up your skin. Hair-rising is just normal.

"creepy defined: causing an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease"

Years passed since we last watched a movie called the Jeepers Creepers. It was definitely scary but also a creepy movie. We remember watching on the regular channel after 8 o'clock. One hour of the movie passed and suddenly we lost a channel. Was it done on purpose? Was it done so we go and rent a movie to see the creepy moment. Perhaps yes. Perhaps no. However, we did ended up renting the Jeepers Creepers movie that night. Not sure if it was a curiosity that drove us to the rental place or just we wanted to have this creepy sensation up our spines.

So we watched the whole movie that night. The glitch didn't stop us. The ending was okay, it was just scary. But the most creepy part of the movie Jeepers Creepers was when we watched this tall supposed to be a man with a long arms. He was wearing hat and black trench coat and he was dumping something in the garbage. It was that one scene that really creeped us out along with those in the movie who watched that creature man with dismay.

Happy Halloween! May you have hair-rising experience today.

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