Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween and The Rain

Last few days we had an amazing comfortable weather. We were all hoping to be the same for the Halloween day. It never works like that. The clouds were already accumulating and often we would get winds bringing spookiest clouds ever. Wouldn't that be fun for Halloween? Of course it would.

Lucky us our little one still enjoys only visiting the people he knows. He didn't really enjoy being scared by the creatures that would come out form the houses and having a pleasure to scare him. He rather see a face someone he knows. He also knows that that way he will be able to pick and choose a candy.

He also enjoys giving out candies and seeing all the dressed up children to visit him. At the same time he will be jumping out to pose with his spiderman costume. Rather than collecting candies which he will not be able to eat, he will be meeting scary, beautiful and smiling faces at the door.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! By the way, Happy Halloween here in Canada.

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