Thursday, October 30, 2014

What Happened To Me for Three Years

Yes what happened to me. All I can say nothing much, just ventured out to do other local community engagement activities that revolved around raising Matthew. Matthew is now over 6 years old. I just read my last blog post I wrote here about him being able to write a letter M. Well, he now writes and reads; and he reads one grade above grade one. We are very proud of him, he is our very smart little man. From day one I enjoyed so much watching him growing up and learning new things everyday and continue to do so.

Last night I re-visited my blogger and I visited one by one all the blogs on my reading list. I have also noticed that many stopped writing about one or two years ago and many are still around.

I am very active on Twitter (@amlozyk) and on Facebook now, however, I realized last night how much I miss just spilling my thoughts everyday here on the story blob blog, just like I did couple of years ago.

I shall return soon, but let me leave you with couple of conversations I had today with Matthew. 

'Mom can I eat some of your midnight snack', Matthew asked.
'Absolutely not', I replied.
'But Mom I already had your midnight snack', he said.

Not sure where he got the idea, but eating first and then asking he figured out his treats are guaranteed. This is not the first time he ate and then asked. I believe that he is also feeling guilty thus letting us know in any form or shape that he helped himself to the treats.

Today Matthew had a little accident at school. He collided with another boy from grade four. The impact was so hard that he fell on the ground face down and broke his sun-glasses. School called and we just took him home. After we all settled and everything was good I headed to review his lunch box.

'Hey Matthew how come you didn't eat your lunch?', I asked.
'Oh I was tired', he replied.
'Oh but you managed to eat your treats', I stated.
'That was by mistake', he replied.

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