Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't Forget Carrot In My Chicken Soup

It is official Matthew is now registered for the Junior Kindergarten (JK) and will start next fall. We ended up enrolling him into the public school system as opposed to other options we had - catholic or Montessori. The reason being is that I thought it would be hard on him to go full time for five days so I enrolled him into the public system where they still  have two and three alternating days per week. Okay, I will admit too, it would be hard for me to let him go as well.

On Monday this week we delivered last piece of paperwork to the school. Matthew is eligible for school bus, but I thought that we test out how far we will need to walk. Yes, I am going to walk with him.

It took us 20 minutes to walk with Matthew sitting in the wagon. I think we can do it.

On the way home we dropped by the playground. Matthew loves kids his age and is not afraid to talk and play. Soon as we arrived he engaged playing with a boy little older than him and a girl about his age, who were also siblings.

He raced them into the play tunnel and up the stairs and slid down on the double slide with the girl. He loved the fact that they slid together. Right after the girl went to play somewhere else and the boy went back into the tunnel.

Oh it was lot of fun for Matthew, so he decided to direct the play.

'Hey boy, you stay in the tunnel and I will go and get my friend' - he said to the boy.
'Hey, your friend is my sister' - the boy yelled out from the tunnel.
'Okay then, I will get your sister' - Matthew waved at him.
'Hey girl do you want to come and go up the tunnel and slide' - he asked her.
'I want to play on the ropes' - she replied.
'Okay then lets play ropes' - Matthew replied, abandoning the boy.

Well the rope game did not last very long as the mother of the boy and the girl called for home. The girl stayed behind and almost cried not wanting to go home. The mother and the boy were leaving the playground.

'Hey boy your forgot your sister' - Matthew yelled after the boy.
'Matthew don't worry they know' - I replied.

Today I told Matthew that he will be having chicken soup for lunch.
'Okay Mom and don't forget the carrot' - he replied.

I just hope that all the demands by the three year old do not grow proportionally, but I will miss him when he goes to school.


  1. I missed all of our children as they went off to school. I had several Mothers tell me I must be crazy. When our 4th one started first grade full time, compared to kindergarten half days three days a week, I felt really lost. So I looked around for something to do and found a sweet little girl, who was 9 months old, and watched her four days a week. Then before I knew it, she was starting kindergarten, but not in our area. So I was looking once again for something and was signed up to work in the school cafeteria as needed. That's when I discovered I was pregnant again. So number five came along when the others were 11,15,16 & 17. Needless to say I wasn't too happy about the whole thing. LOL She is now 39, living back home with us along with her 11 year old daughter. She's working four days a week, taking classes five days a week to become an RN. Her schedule is pretty hectic, she's a PCT, went into that from being a Human Resource person at the hospital. On Mon, classes, early in the morning, then works 11 to 7:30, Tuesday afternoon classes, gives her the morning to study, Wed. morning classes, gives her afternoons to study, Thur, classes morning and afternoon, Fri, classes morning, and works 11 to 7:30, Sat. works from 7am till 7:30pm, Sunday works 7am till 3:30pm So she's pretty busy. In two years from this past Fall she should be finished and ready to take her state test for nursing. She had all ready taken a lot of the classes required and also became a Patient Care Technician ahead of taking the RN classes. I'm sorry I start off to tell you how I missed ours when they went to school and get side tracked. Some Mothers really thought I was wacky when I said I enjoyed the summers and the kids all being home. They said not me. In my case, I didn't have to worry about having four up, something ready for them to wear, dressed, breakfast over, lunches packed and off to school to arrive in time. In the summer we just took things easy and enjoyed each day. You are bound to miss the little fellow.

  2. Don't you just love when your children just march up and start playing.
    What a wonderful and very sweet child you have.
    "Hey boy you forgot your sister"

    Are you snowed in ? I keep reading about all the bad weather everyone is having. We might get rain next Tuesday we will be super happy if it happens, we really need the rain.

    cheers, parsnip


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