Friday, February 10, 2012

But Where Is My Cake? Life Is Full Of Surprises

A week after Christmas holiday we were visiting my parents (Matthew's grandparents). During the week before the visit we picked up one of those packaged Christmas cakes on sale and brought it with us. Matthew made a mental note.

My mom asked if we could open and eat it next week as she already bought some sweets for us to enjoy after lunch. It was okay with us.

So we had cookies and tea and Matthew had cookies and some drink.

When we finished I told Matthew we have to get ready for home. Matthew looked at me surprised and turned to look at Baba (the grandmother, that what he calls her).

'Baba, but we did not eat the cake. Where is the cake Baba? Baba I brought you a cake?' - Matthew kept talking.

I thought he will never stop about the cake. He really wanted to eat this cake. We had to spend five minutes to explain to him why we are not eating this cake today. It was because next week his cousins will be coming and they want to eat the cake too. It was settled.


Last week we were visiting my parents again and for lunch Matthew was enjoying his chicken soup. When he finished his soup and the second dish he brought dish back to the kitchen and came back to the table. Then he lift the place mat and being surprised asked: 'But where is my surprise?'

It happened once on Christmas Eve, Baba placed $20 under place mat for each grandchild as a surprise (way too much in my opinion, but I couldn't argue). So he remembered and asked again. I cannot believe that my mother went and found another $20 because he just asked.

He knows better to say that 'Baba this is too much', but no instead he said he is going to toy store to buy some more toys. Yes, like he really needs more toys.

I think instead of having serious talk with Matthew I will have to have a serious talk with my mom.


  1. Anna, you are all so nice!:) And your little Matthew is so special!!!
    Here in Rome it's snowing and this morning we've found a lot of snow in our exciting!
    What about your plans? Do you think you'll come, one day, here in Italy for visiting our city?
    Stay tuned, see you soon.

  2. thanks for sharing, I read to the end of this and just laughed. Where's my cake? Where's my surprise? lol

  3. Anna:

    No need for a serious talk with anyone. Just love and enjoy and be happy that you have a beautiful son and a wonderful loving family. Life is too short to worry about such things. Kids will be kids and grand parents will be grandparents. It's as sure as the sunrise.

    Remember what I always say . . . Happy trails.

  4. Nah, $20 will be worth about $1 in a decade, so it's not too much!

  5. Ha ha ... children are sharp (and they never forget)

  6. Out of the mouths of babes (grin). I wouldn't worry at all Anna, enjoy his innocence, and his doting grandparents indulgences - and savour them, they are what puts the joy into the world!

  7. Hi Anna,

    Oh my...he is in that phase, eh? What can l say? It's part of the parenting learning process. As for your mum, it's her job (as a granny) to spoil him. The hard task falls in your hands :).

    Cheers, my darling


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