Saturday, March 3, 2012

Do You Even Know Who I Am? Matthew The Superman

What we have today is a drawing by Matthew and few enhancements done by me like the Superman S and Superman word in pencil with Matthew's green tracing over.

Note the logo is cut out because I did mistake and wrote 'wrong way' S. Well what can I say, I get confused when I try to write upside down, but that wasn't acceptable by Matthew.

Sometimes I feel like I push him too much at his age (3 3/4), but I think it is good exercise to start him on drawing and writing. Matthew is now able to write letter M very well. He can spell and write (copy) his name. He also can draw a face, sun, full body as seen above, and snowman. On the pictures he added Krypton (the green crystal) and bunch of colored Smarties.

Matthew loves superheros and Superman is still his most favorite one. He was Superman for Halloween. Few weeks ago I had to hide the Superman suite because we had to go out and no way he was going to be Superman, especially when it was really cold outside. The unfortunate thing is that I forgot where I hid the suite. However, I promised him to get bigger size for the next Halloween.

So the other day we are walking through our subdivision with other children and their nanny. One of our neighbors came out from the house to collect the newspaper. It was almost noon and she was still wearing the nightgown. 'It's my lazy day today' - she announced.

We chatted a bit and then Matthew interrupted with yelling to her 'Hi'. She waved and said 'Hi William'.

I smiled because she called him that once before. However, right after Matthew called back to her 'Do you even know who I am?' She did not hear him very well so Matthew continued 'I am secretly Superman'. She heard him and replied 'Hi Superman', and we laughed.

May be it is time to say something to her, otherwise the only Superman boy that lived in our street will be William.


  1. Anna, I'm a teacher, you know, and I teach in a Primary school of Rome. I tell you this because I always like observing children's pictures, colours they use, how they use pecil.....
    Your Matthew is really clever with drawing and writing and I think it's not a bad way for introducing him in the school world. If you see that he's happy to do your exercises, it' ok:) And the colours he uses are all so happy, lightning....he's a nice and happy guy!:-)
    Hugs from your italian friend.....:*

  2. Anna after a long break reaching here..
    So happy to see Matthew'drawings!! really Matthew growing up!!
    My hearty congrats to Matthew and especially for you..because without a loving and caring mom like you,he can't do this!!
    Wishing All the Best Wishes for All!!!

  3. Hello Where are you Anna?....How is Matthew?....covey My Regards..
    With Best Wishes...


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