Friday, February 18, 2011

Spaghetti Pasta Defined

Matthew asked: 'Where is my friend Daddy?'
Yes, Matthew now calls his Daddy his friend.

Matthew said once in the car while eating chocolate: 'I am chocolate-holic.'
We told him once that he is chocoholic. He loves chocolate. Favorite: Kinder and Lindt.

Matthew once was walking home with me and saw lady shoveling a snow.
He looked at me and asked: 'Can I say Hi to lady?'
I replied: 'Of course you can.'
After he greeted her, she asked him: 'Where are you going?'
Matthew proudly replied: 'I am going home and going to eat Lindt chocolate.'
I followed his response to her: 'He is chocoholic.'

Today I asked Matthew: 'Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?'
Matthew responds: 'Prime Mister of Candada is Stephen Helper'
He eventually got it right, the Minister, the Canada and the Harper.

Matthew answers the phone: 'Hello, anybody there?'
We get lot of dead calls, so he starts with verifying if anybody is there.

'Matthew what do you see, one finger and one finger together?'
Today during dinner I showed him one finger from left hand and one finger from right hand side by side.
'I see eleven'- Matthew replied.
Visually he is correct, mathematically he now knows that there are two fingers.

Matthew is a proud owner of the 'Matthew's Cuisine' - play kitchen for kids.
After while my kitchen tools slowly migrated to Matthew's Cuisine. When I look for something, now I have to extend my horizons to his kitchen.
Matthew while cooking in his Cuisine: 'Look Mommy I am chef cooker.'

Ten thousand times a day I have to pretend to be Pepper Pots from the Iron Man.
My line: 'Here comes Pepper Pots. Welcome to Tony Stark Expo' - and I slide the Iron Man suitcase.
Eventually Matthew got bored of me being Pepper Pots.
Matthew: 'Mommy you be bad Iron Man, and Matthew be Pepper Pots.'
Why bad Iron Man? No idea.
Matthew's line now is: 'Here comes Pepper Pots. Welcome to Tony Stark Expo' - and he slides the Iron Man suitcase.

While typing keyword for his favorite cartoon on the YouTube - PINGU (yes he can spell this typing and reciting), Matthew turned around and said to me: 'Look Mommy I am good typer'.

Matthew likes spaghetti pasta. I make him spaghetti pasta very often and I have usually handy if he feels like having it for dinner. When Matthew wants spaghetti, he asks: 'Mommy can I have straight long pasta for dinner'. This is his definition of spaghetti.

'Matthew how old are you?' - lady at the department store asked him, while we were shopping for appliances few days ago.
'I am two years old and nine months, I live ### Street Trail in Aurora home, I spell two words PINGU and ELMO' - and that was his answer to her.

Every time I remember things Matthew said or did, I laugh inside and I put a big smile on my face. Now I am sharing it with you and hope you can laugh and smile with me.


  1. Hey Anna :D!

    LOL LOL you were right: I did laugh at lot. Your kid kills me with his cuteness. :)

    When Matthew starts writing, I want his autograph cause I am telling you: he will be famous one day. :D

    Have a brilliant weekend and keep doing a great job with that boy!

  2. Gaia and Giorgia, my two little daughters, love spaghetti ,too!:) They like to eat them with a lot of black olives and good!
    Matthew is so fantastic!
    Thanks for sharing my friend:)

  3. What a wonderful story. Matthew is really quite fabulous. Very charming.
    I remember some of the fun, interesting or right on target things my children said and I still get a giggle over them.
    Wonderful memories.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. It’s really fun and interesting reading his little enhance of speech and knowledge every time. He has a great tendency to observe things quickly and response. Thanks for sharing anna, my best wishes to Mathew :)

  5. the thoughts of children are the sweetest

    nice to take the time to document conversations and watching them grow

  6. I am very impressed Matthew is already able to correctly type words, that is quite remarkable for a child so young. He is growing and soaking up everything you teach him, and you are opening so many doors to him - all children should have this much love, it's a delight to know the joy he brings!

  7. Sounds like you really enjoy being a Mother to Matthew. That's good, so many women don't seem to enjoy having their little ones around. Now's the time to enjoy them, they grow so quickly and then they don't want to hang around with Mommy so much. He sounds like a lovable, adorable little fellow. And he'll have so many fond memories.

  8. Delightful story, enjoyed by another chocoholic: «Louis la Vache»


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