Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Children Are Our Greatest Teachers

Learning is something Matthew enjoys very much, however, he also knows what to do when things are getting harder with learning. When things are getting harder, not just children, us too, sometimes we redirect our energies somewhere else. Let's see how Matthew redirects his. He will be three years old in about plus two months.

I started Mommy's school a couple of weeks ago. Mommy (me) is a teacher and Matthew is my only student.

Day 1: 'Welcome to the Mommy's School' - my invitation.
'Yes, Mommy Matthew is coming to Mommy's school' - he would yell with excitement, come and sit on his colored chair. He would also say things like 'Yes Mommy teacher, lets get stickers'. He loves stickers every time he finishes one page of tracing.

Day 2: 'Welcome to the Mommy's School' - my invitation.
'Oh yes, lets go to school' - Matthew would yell again with excitement and come running to his colored chair.
He is drawing lines, zig zag's and spirals. Two pages completed at no time. He gets a sticker, smiles and walks away from my school to play with other stuff.

Day 3, 4 'Welcome to the Mommy's School' - my invitation.
'Yes I am coming to Mommy's school' - Matthew would reply every time.
However, he starts to slow down. Pages are getting a bit harder to trace - circles, squares, triangles, diamonds. One page per one school day now. He gets a sticker, but this time he gets it himself - he picks, he sticks. Matthew is gaining more control over my school.

Day 5 'Welcome to the Mommy's School' - my invitation.
'But Mommy, you sit Matthew's chair, I sit Mommy's chair' - Matthew replied on the day five.
'Mommy you be student, Matthew be teacher' - he announced and would not let me talk.
'Mommy you WRITE' - he commended me before I opened my mouth.

'Our children are our greatest teachers' - goes with this story.


  1. Sweet story, Anna! Matthew is such a sweet little treasure.
    Hugs your way!

  2. Your right, children are the sweetness of our life.

  3. Haha... that's nice about making him learn at home and the way he took his chance was so sweet and fun.

  4. I love Matthew's cute tales :)
    Hey there Matthew! mwah! you're such a sweet boy :)

  5. Hi Anna :D!

    So, he's wants to be the teacher already, eh? Aaah, kids are cute (specially when they get eager to grow older).

    Hi to Matthew! :D

    Big hug to you both and cheers

  6. The trouble with kids be our greatest teachers is that we so often ignore them. We miss a great treasure by doing so.

  7. Well, he has clearly learned that being in control is more fun than being the one getting told what to do!

  8. haha, he is a VERY smart cookie, I have a feeling he is going to go far!

  9. I was tickled to see Anna on my blog this Saturday morning. I wondered how she is and what she has been doing. I used to teach, and it seems like ages since I retired in 1976/1977 but the kids I taught were all seniors and had suffered to this point in their lives when school was going to be out for sure. And it was.


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