Thursday, October 4, 2007

How to Divide One Slice of Bread

There are times when I actually make a point to watch a TV commercials. There are few that are just adorable, meaning that they are usually with children. Its their face expressions and what the say that make my put my the whole world on hold. There is one with two brothers arguing while their little sister drinks his brother's juice or cool aid, and when in trouble, all you hear 'I love you'. So there is this new commercial on TV for peanut butter. It is my another favorite one, because I did not know what the expect. By the way, I changed things around a bit, however, the story line remains the same.

The story goes. Three characters, the mother and the two boys, Joey and Bobby, and two main and the most important items of the commercial, the jar of peanut butter and one slice of bread - yes only one slice of bread. The two brothers are jokingly fighting over this one slice of bread and obviously to be spread with peanut butter. The mother suggests that the slice of bread is split. Easy, but not. One of the boys Joey wants the bigger piece because he is older. So what happens next. Well the mother gives knife to Joey and tells him to split the bread. There is suddenly sadness on the Bobby's face, because he knows that someone wants bigger piece of pie, its Joey. Well, Joey splits bread into two, but he intentionally makes one piece bigger. As I watched, I was thinking oh mother do something for the younger one, and she does. Joey got to divide the bread, but Bobby gets to choose. Nice little trick, fortunately both boys were happy on the end.

So that day I learned something new, may be old story, but new to me. I think this story teaches are something, and depending which venue you choose, it can have many many meanings.



  1. Hey Anna,

    You are right: these teaching are very important, we must teach children how to share equally. If one starts in one's own family, then one will be transport it into the society, and then into the world!

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  2. Max, thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right. Thanks for tagging me, I will work on it this weekend. Anna :)

  3. Anna,

    No need to thank me, I love reading your blog: it had depth :)!

    Don't worry, you tag whenever you can :)!

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  4. What a great post and lesson. :D I enjoy your insight, Anna!!!

    Hugs, JJ

  5. I just saw this commercial tonight! I've heard the basic story before, but I loved seeing it here and it's great that you blogged about it!

  6. Hi! Anna!

    Great story involving conflict resolution, compromise and the attempt to impart wisdom to those with lesser life experiences than ourselves.

    As for my wife, being the second youngest of 9, it was first in first served. No choices given and no quarter given.

    Peter McCartney
    Sydney Australia

  7. Hi Anna! I just remembered this was the post I had published a comment to, but it did not show up. Let's see if I can remember what I wrote!

    When my kids were younger we used to do the one person cuts, the other chooses for cake, pie, etc. After a while they no longer argued over who got which piece. But.... Then they started quibbling over who would cut. They all wanted someone else to cut and then they would choose. When siblings are of a certain age, they can find a reason to argue in any situation. Just part of growing up, I guess.


  8. Will, wow that must have been fun watching. When I was growing up, we were not allowed to get close to any cake, my parents always made the division, and give us how much we needed - it was usually during special ocassions. But then with cookies was different, we loved eating hot straight from the oven, and they allowed us to do that. Anna :)


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