Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Bash 2007: Ghost Story 2 - Beautiful Cherries

Small town, lots of gossip and lots of ghost stories. We all know what happens to the story when the story is passed from one person into another and then another - embellished story. People want to make it more exciting so they add stuff and remove stuff. Therefore, I cannot confirm the stories I write here are one hundred percent real. However, our parents and grandparents always claimed that they were real. By the time I was fourteen I heard many ghost stories that I start fearing them, and this continues until today.

I remember every November 1st on the Souls Day in Europe we used to go to the cemetery and light candles on my grandfathers grave. All was fine when this happened on the weekend, because we all went, but when Souls day fell on the weekday and when I was old enough, my mother asked me to visit the grave by myself after school. Oh, I used to bag her not to make me do that. One year I went, and I was so focused that I never noticed beautiful flowers placed on my grandfather's grave, plus the other conditions I experienced - increased heart rate.

Therefore, I will tell stories that I heard related to people seeing ghosts in the form of people, around cemeteries of course. There were two everyone was talking about, today is one of them.

This happened in the neighboring town. There was this poor woman with a small child. She had tendency to walk around the neighborhood and gather fruits and vegetables form others. Collecting fruit from wild fruit trees that grew on the side of the road was also very common. Everyone in the town knew about the beautiful cherry trees that grew on the side road just beside the town's cemetery, but everyone also knew that they shouldn't eat them. They did not really say why, but it all makes sense now, the cherry tree roots got all their nutrients from the cemetery, and I will not expand on that any further. This woman knew about that too, but one day she ignored the message. She and her child were passing by and decided to collect some beautiful cherries. She put the child on her sweater under the tree, gave him some tree branches and flowers to play with. The tree wasn't really small so she had to climb, and she did. Once in a while she would look down to see if everything was okay with the child, and everything was, until that one time. Yes that one time she looked down and she saw this beautiful young woman playing with her child. The child wasn't really replying just playing with the branch sticks while it looked like the woman was saying something and trying to get the child's attention. The mother couldn't hear anything. The mother felt something was not right, and without thinking she literally jump off the tree. To her surprise she found no one with her child, and the child continued to play with the sticks.

Now you know why I will not go to the cemetery alone. These are not very huge ghost encounters, but enough to make me think twice when I am passing by the human resting place.



  1. Heh! I have a completely different experience with cemeteries although I’m sure it’s because I was not told the types of stories you were told.

    When my kids were little and between jobs when I was so tired, I would find a serene cemetery to park in and sleep for an hour or two. But that was daytime too and again, I don’t have the history you have regarding cemetery stories.

  2. Seeing that there are so many ghost stories, it must be true. So say I.

    Now, my ghost story comes from the time when I was nursing, many moons ago, in one of the first hospitals to be built in Australia.

    The ghost called the grey nun, who was indeed a very friendly and helpful spirit, would roam the old wards at night.

    She would check the patient's intravenous drips and tuck in their blankets.

    Never a bad word was spoken about her or to her. So say the patient's that would recall these events during the night and on the rising of the sun to their bewildered nurse.

    I never saw here, but I believe.

    Peter McCartney
    Sydney Australia.

  3. Wow.....

    That has happened to me once, Anna!
    I was in the bus, on my way to the University (many years ago) and suddenly I see this woman walking on the middle of the road. The cars were passing by and, I was worried sick that she might get hurt...she was dressed in red.
    A few minutes later the bus passes by an accident sight...I saw the woman in red lying dead on the floor, the police man was covering her with a white cloth *nodding*! And it wasn't even Halloween yet lol...

    Can you believe I never went to a cemetery?


  4. awomansblog, lol that is funny to do that, I wouldn't ever. We have this cemetery here in our town, and right at the entrance there is this house with people who take care of the cemetery. Sometimes I drive by and you see them watching TV, cooking etc. In the summer, you see them sun tanning. Well, what a life, I think you have to be right type of person for this kind of job. Thanks for visiting and commenting, and welcome back, its been long time now, and hope your trading is going well. Anna :)

  5. Peter, thanks. Thank God it is day time that I am reading this, lol. I don't know if I would want to sleep alone in the room, knowing that the nurse was visiting, even if she was harmless. I know similar story in the funeral home here in Toronto area. The ghost name I think is Earl and he sometimes greets people at the entrance during visitations. Another one is: not sure if this happened in the same funeral home, but there was once an incident where in one room all the photos in the picture frames where turned upside down in a matter of short time. But then these are just stories I been hearing here....btw thanks for visiting and sharing, soon as I finish commenting here I am over your blog, been thinking about the 70's for two days now and not sure if I can come up with anything that I remember. Anna :)

  6. Max, wow you never been to a cemetery. You should go and visit sometimes. When I am with someone else it is kind of exciting. I like looking at everyone's graves and how long they lived. The children section always disappoints me. When I was in elementary school, I think grade 5, I carried with other 3 friends a coffin of a baby that died at birth, to the cemetery. It was very sad.

    Thanks for sharing the ghost story. That something I am sure you will never be able to forget. You should read my plane crash story I wrote before, it was something similar.

    Again, thanks for sharing your story, I enjoyed it.

    Anna :)

  7. Great cherry tree/cemetery ghost story, Anna! I believe!!!

    it's quarter to one EST and I'm finding Blog Catalog down. Is it down for you?

    Hugs, JJ

  8. Thanks JJ. I am not sure if I take anything from cemetery. In Europe it is common for people to take stuff off one's grave and put on anothers, lol. Anna :0


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