Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This Is A Perfect Example of Unconditional Love

Well today it will be someone else's story. I just want to repeat a story that been all time my favorite. I enjoy reading every time it gets to me by email chain letter, come across it on Internet or even someone already knows it and tells me again. I usually listen, and then tell them yes I know all about it. I probably will embellish or change the story a bit, however, the meaning will remain and that's what matters on the end. So there is this little boy, may be five or older, and his older sister been diagnosed with leukemia. The boy been asked if he can give his blood to his sister so she can get well. Without hesitation the boy agrees. During the blood transfusion the boy was laying beside her sister and watched how color on her face came back. He smiled, then he turned to the nurse or doctor standing by and asked, how soon until I start to die? To me this is a perfect example of unconditional love.


  1. So perfect I bet you... only the Spirit of God can persuade someone to give that kind of unconditional love.

    Godbless you for this post so that we can see that we must love our neighbors as our selves.


  2. Thanks for your comments, always appreciated, Anna :)

  3. God doesn't have control over our emotions. We are capable of achieving this extent of unconditional love and more on our own. If God does exist he merely puts people in our lives that he would like us to love but, he doesn't make/force us to.
    Seriously, have a little faith in humanity.

  4. perfect example of unconditional love


And now lets hear your blobbing, lol!