Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Equation For The Hardest Job

Finally my article idea came back to me after days of trying to remember what I was going to write about. It came back while we were driving to work beside the toilet rental truck with some type of sewer pump. I said, wow, all he has to do is rent these portable toilets, clean them, deliver or pick them up, and he is making money - the man driving a truck looked happy. There is lot of constructions, and sport events going on in our area, so these are very useful, and yes there is market for it. Eureka! I got it, I finally got it. I know now what I wanted to write about - it was about the hardest job, and I had all figured out. So what is the hardest job. Is the hardest job also the most difficult job? Is the hardest job also not very pleasant job? Is the hardest job also stressful job? I guess you can ask these questions to determine the job hardness level. However, I will share my opinion about the hardest job.
A job can only be hard if you yourself make it hard. In life we may not have choice where we are going to work, but we have the choice to make it better. A job can be difficult, but if you skilled then it is not difficult anymore. A job may not be pleasant, but needs to be done, and you are happy because at least you have a job and can support your family. A job can be stressful, but then who is in control?
The other day in the mid of hot summer day, the garbage man passed by to pick up garbage from the curbs of houses on my street. I observed and thought for second, his job must be hard. Then I listened and looked closer, the man has full blast radio on, and he sang away - he looked not just happy, but he looked very happy.
The other day in the mid of hot summer day, the elegant car passed by with an elegant man in a dark suit, and probably running air conditioner at full blast. He probably is some kind of executive, not much of physical hard work to do - I thought, but then he looked not happy.
The other day in the mid of hot summer day, I see young landscaper digging a small flower bed. He looked tired and exhausted. He doesn't belong in this job, but he does it. Is he happy?
Few weeks ago, we had window installer replacing all the windows in our house. When we met him, he looked happy, but once we got to know him, I don't think he was.
I am now confused very confused and I wish there was some kind of equation for the hardest job, but then no. No it is not right. I think the hardest job is when you are not happy. And I am beginning to think there is no equation for hardest job, or for happiness, or for anything in life, and I better move on before I become even more confused, and blogging will become the hardest job in my life.


  1. I think many jobs are up and down like anything else. It all depends on what happens during the day or even at home. It may color your day sunny or stormy.

    I love musing about life. :D

    Hugs, JJ

  2. jj you are absolutely correct, there are too many variables so there is no equation, life is just so complicated, but then can be very simple, thanks for your comment, anna :)

  3. What a coincidence! I was also thinking about the topic of work when i was driving home one night. In my opinion, all work needs effort, thus they are not necessarily easy to do. What one can do is enjoy work and work smart. How do we enjoy work while making money? By being positive in one's attitude - that one should put their 101% in their work, and before you know it, everything will fall into place. It always does. And I kid you not!

  4. ANiTOKid, thanks for your smart comment. I always had the enjoy work and work smart attitude, thanks for the reminder. But you wouldn't believe how many bosses still believe that if you now working long hours then you are not working hard. Thanks for visiting, your comments are appreciated Anna :)


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