Monday, July 30, 2007

Car Care Service

Sometimes I just want to answer silly. Silly means that my answers will be logical and may be some how sarcastic. Therefore, we are going to be in the dealership today, trying to negotiate the best price for my car service. How am I going to do that, I don't know yet. I don't care if I have to walk out with no service on my car. I will be getting what I want - but then this is not getting what I want?

Arriving dealership. Parking on the customer parking. Entering service area full of smiling faces pretending the 'happy to see you' face. Are you really that happy to see me? Oh, are you getting a bonus today, ha ha ha - oh lucky me they are not hearing me. Just being in the weird mood. How can I help you? - the voice behind the counter greets. Yes, you can help me, I need to service my car and I need basic service. What is the mileage on your car? Don't know, but I been driving this car for 6 months now, 5 days a week and probably 50 km per day. Okay, we do not need mileage now, yes it is not necessary now, we will check mileage on your car later. What kind of service would you like today? I need good service sir if you know what you mean. The clerk's face drooped. Did I say something wrong? No, you did not - he answered almost shouting. How can I help you today? Oh, you can help me with many things sir? - I answered. Excuse me, I guess you would like to have a service on your car. Yes, I answered. So, what we are going to do today to you is a basic service, which covers oil change, disposal of oil, tire rotation and wash your car. Excuse me - I interrupted - I personally do not need service today, its my car that needs service. No no, its the car we are going to service, clerk answered angry. We have special interior cleaning for another 99.99 dollars, original price 199.99. Would you like to clean your insides, insides of the car, you will be saving 100 dollars. No, sir not interested. As a matter of fact, I would like to bring my service price down by 29.99 dollars. Sorry, the service is already discounted to 34.99 dollars. Would you like the service today? Can you please remove the tire rotation, I been driving backward more than forward past month, and this month I been driving forward most of the time. I checked my tires, and because due to my conservative driving habits I don't need rotation of my tires. By the way, are you talking about rotating my tires, oh no no, in that case no I don't need rotation of my tires, they been rotating every time I drive. Excuse me would you like the service today or not? - now red faced clerk asked. The tire rotation is included in the price. Its our special promotion today. I walked out.

I guess I am not getting the car care service today I anticipated to get. May be next time.



  1. David, you know your cars. Yes it is a Smart Car, but not mine. There are many on the road here in our area, or Canada. It is kind of fun to watch them because all North American cars are usually large vehicles. They are probably best suited for downtown Toronto, because there will be probably more parking available if everyone drove these. Just scares me seeing them on the highway, they can drive quite fast. Anyway, I just took photo of one standing by. Anna :)


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